• Flight 4 our Right

    January 25th, 2015. Unable to vote from abroad, four young Greek expats return home for the most critical elections of recent history.

    Antonis is a half-Greek and half-German social entrepreneur. Gevi is a London based filmmaker. Alexandros is a master’s degree student in the Netherlands. Thanos is a member of SYRIZA, living in Berlin. They all have high hopes for the future, and they all want to see expatriate Greeks earning the right to vote from abroad.


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  • Waterlooplein: When gyros met bougatsa

    In the flea market of Waterlooplein, Dimitris organises a housewarming party for his brand new chicken gyros canteen. Right next to him, Vasilis has been serving bougatsa pastry and frappé coffee for the last five years. Together, they have created an Amsterdam hot spot for Greeks and their international friends.

    Guest appearance by Thomas Huisman (bouzouki).

    Filmed & edited by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Sound recording and mixing by Nikos Kandarakis Translation to English by Christina Tziouvara Research by Gina Tsilimpi

    This [...]

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  • The Colony, Episode 1 – “Skype Call”

    “We came here in an organised escape plan”

    Paris left Greece and moved to London together with his little sister, Athena. Tania came later with her boyfriend, Chris, hoping that her chemistry degree can find her a job. They all miss granny’s cooking.

    Filmed & edited by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Sound recording and mixing by Nikos Kandarakis

    This documentary is protected with a creative commons license. Unauthorized commercial use, derivatives and TV broadcasting are strictly forbidden.

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  • Reload Greece

    On the 15th of October 2013, the New Diaspora crew landed in Gatwick airport. One of the main reasons for our filming expedition was the MeetU@Reload event, hosted at the London Google Campus by Reload Greece on October 19th.

    Reload Greece is the hub of Greek entrepreneurship in London, seeking solutions that can generate economic growth and social impact in Greece.
 It started as an initiative by young Greeks to inspire and educate [...]

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  • Marylebone Road: Christina Garidi

    When we launched New Diaspora in March 2013, we were grateful to have Christina as the very first person contributing an “open letter” to our project.

    We hadn’t planned to film Christina’s story during our short visit to London, since we both had pressing schedules to follow. However, we managed to squeeze time for a brief encounter. It was worth it.

    Christina studied Environmental Sciences in Southampton before she moved up north to get her Master in [...]

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  • The Three Hundreds: Alexandros Ioannou

    100 days, 100 Euros, 100 places to see. Alexandros returns home from Scotland to Cyprus, traveling mainly by bicycle. We had the chance to interview him and his companion, Yannis, when they passed through Amsterdam.

    Visit the 3×100 Facebook page to read the full story of this journey.

    Filmed by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Research by Gina Tsilimpi Edited by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos & Michael Papadakis Music by Nikos Kandarakis

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  • Tunisia: Yannis Arvanitis

    Yannis moved to Tunisia only a few days before the revolution started.

    Watch and share our new web documentary, which has already been hosted in ARTE Future on August 15th 2013 (in French and German).

    Directed by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Sound design and mix by Nikos Kandarakis Editing by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos & Michael Papadakis

    This documentary is protected with a creative commons license. Commercial use, derivatives and TV broadcasting are strictly forbidden, unless authorized by New Diaspora.

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  • Morning Tales: George Mitrakas

    Thanks to George, Wageningen is the only Dutch town that has a traditional Greek café and food store.

    Watch and share our new web documentary, which will be also hosted in ARTE Future on August 15th 2013 (in French and German).

    Directed by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos Research by Gina Tsilimpi Sound recording by Nikos Kandarakis Editing by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos & Michael Papadakis

    This documentary is protected with a creative commons license. Commercial use, derivatives and TV broadcasting are strictly [...]

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  • Army of One: Katerina Kozadinou

    Directed by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos

    The first New Diaspora web documentary is now online! Watch it on full HD for free, share it with your friends, and support our independence by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo!

    Help us make the voice of expatriate Greeks heard! Join the New Diaspora web documentary movement!

    It’s time to tell our own part of the story.

    Army of One” introduces our “Portraits” documentary series. In order for us to produce thematic [...]

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  • New Diaspora: the trailer

    New Diaspora is an independent web documentary movement, focusing on the stories of Greeks living abroad during the crisis in their homeland.

    Please share and support our crowdfunding campaign. It’s time to tell our own part of the story.

    Why did we leave? What’s our point of view on the current situation in Greece? How much have we adapted to our new lives?

    The main narrative drive is a web documentary series directed by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos, who lives and [...]

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  • Occupy Amsterdam: Dimitris Pavlopoulos

    I originally intended to post this video back in October of 2011, as a report of the Occupy movement’s impact on Dutch society. For a number of reasons I decided to wait until the moment would be ripe, and now I’m posting it as a historical record of what was the political climate back then.

    This is not a complete documentary, since it lacks a proper storyline, interviews with the protagonists and counter arguments from the [...]

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  • New Diaspora: the project

    We need to raise $63.5K until May 4th, in order to keep the New Diaspora project going.

    Please share and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

    Selected media coverage (so far):

    Athens Voice (GR)    Lifo Magazine (GR)  Kathimerini newspaper (GR) Kathimerini international (EN) Eleftherotypia newspaper (GR)

    SKAI TV appearance (GR) DocTV (GR) Metro [...]

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Latest Additions

  • Greece: Turmoil today, tomorrow what?

    Greece: Turmoil today, tomorrow what?

    by David Brunnen

    As I write, no one can tell how the current crisis will be resolved. No one can be sure.  Fragmentation or consolidation of a nation?

    For the nation state, its communities of people and businesses, or from the perspective of the individual, the uncertainty about futures may seem beyond rational analysis – improbabilities lost in a sea of variables, multiple IF statements and continental confusion.

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  • Should Greeks living abroad have the right to vote in the referendum?

    Should Greeks living abroad have the right to vote in the referendum?

    Together with I Cannot Vote, New Diaspora stands with expatriate Greeks, giving them the ability to speak out regarding their voting rights.

    Greeks living abroad cannot vote in the referendum on July 5th. Do you think they should be able to?

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  • Referendum fever

    Referendum fever

    The Greek crisis intensifies, with stakes getting higher and tempers rising. You can read all the latest developments by following almost any news outlet in the world. As for New Diaspora, we will continue to monitor and record the reactions of Greek people living abroad, regardless of what they would vote for (in case they were allowed to do so without having to travel to Greece for the weekend).

    One of the most sensational [...]

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  • Beyond the Referendum

    Beyond the Referendum

    by Yiorgos Mylonadis

    A few hours ago my country joined an unenviable list of mismanaged countries that have defaulted on their IMF debts. This is the start of a painful journey. Unless cool heads prevail and it is called off, an ill-framed, absurdly timed referendum looms before us that may result in financial isolation and even further economic hardship for ordinary Greeks. In this darkest hour is there any room for [...]

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  • A calm and detached view on the referendum

    A calm and detached view on the referendum

    Stefanos Livos, London

    Firstly, I would like to state that as a person living abroad, I will not be able to vote in the upcoming referendum but even if I was in Greece on Sunday the 5th of July, I wouldn’t vote still.

    The reasoning behind my decision is simple; I believe that this decision falls on the shoulders of the people that will be directly affected by [...]

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  • First reactions to the referendum from Greeks living abroad

    First reactions to the referendum from Greeks living abroad

    “Referendum… Personally, I’m glad. I’ve been saying for a long time that we should take responsibility as citizens. We should have been asked for our opinion since the first memorandum. I was there for two of Greece’s bankruptcies  - devaluation of drachma, but I’ve never seen such social division.

    I got tired of people making my decisions for me, without keeping me in mind. Even if, in reality, they will once again [...]

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  • #GReferendum


    Late at night on Friday June 26th, the Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, announced a referendum, which was approved by parliamentary majority 24 hours later. The question that will be addressed to the Greek people concerns the acceptance or rejection of the most recent proposal set forth by creditors, which has been characterized as an “ultimatum”. You can read in detail what this proposal includes here.

    As expected, there were intense reactions both [...]

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  • Europeans against austerity

    Europeans against austerity

    Negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors seem to be reaching a final stretch, with the Greek side retreating and submitting a proposal that includes additional taxes and spending cuts. Today however, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras attacked lenders for not accepting the equivalent measures of the Greek proposal.

    Apart from the reactions in Greece, more and more international economic analysts question the efficiency of a continuous recession policy (1, 2, [...]

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  • As a Father

    As a Father

    by Dimitris Moysidis

    Many websites that link to my blog, refer to it as “A father’s adventures in the UK” or as “UK stories and how Dimitris is raising his son” or something along these lines, focusing on the fact that I am a father in the UK and I’m raising my kid in a foreign country. It’s definitely not the first thing I mention in my blog since I’m focusing mostly [...]

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  • Witnessing the crisis from a distance

    Witnessing the crisis from a distance

    Matina Stevis is the Wall Street Journal’s Africa business correspondent, based in Nairobi. Before that, she wrote about the euro-zone crisis and refugees for the Journal, based in Brussels. She is a Greek citizen.

    NAIROBI, Kenya– “So where in the U.S. are you from?” asked the Kenyan banker at the recent World Economic Forum for Africa in Cape Town. “I’m not from the States, I just learned English from Americans,” I said flatly.

    I’m aware [...]

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  • You’re Going Where?

    You’re Going Where?

    When I first told my family and friends in Greece that I was going to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, they thought I had lost it. They did show discretion though and understanding as at the back of their minds they probably thought that was a good thing, so they did not voice their concerns too loud to dissuade me.

    The reason being that they could see that three years of widowhood after [...]

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  • Michail Charalambidis sitting on the Iron Throne, object of desire for the protagonists of popular fantasy series "Game of Thrones"

    Working for Game of Thrones

    by Lida Aglaia Aslanidou

    You catch yourself craving for “success stories”. You keep seeking them, and when you find them you embrace them, draw strength and inspiration from them, and be reminded why you left, what dream you were chasing, why you remain abroad and what you are still hoping for. “Success stories” are perceived differently by each person, with the only common denominator being the fulfillment of some sort of dream.


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