• Home – a short film about Greek neomigrants

    Still struggling to start a career in Amsterdam, the Greek immigrant Dimitris spends his nights working as a dish washer and disc jockey in a club. After several rejections he finally manages to get a job offer from a Japanese company. His girlfriend Sofia on the other hand already has a steady job and has spent some effort in trying to learn the language: “Should we start a new life and make new friends… again?”. This dilemma takes a couple [...]

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  • #mazi across Europe – February 15, 2015

    #mazi across Europe – February 15, 2015

    Before the crucial Eurogroup meeting on Monday, demonstrations of solidarity to the Greek people took place in more than 20 European cities on Sunday, February 15.

    Social media caught fire, with #mazi (together) hashtag becoming the most popular among many others. New Diaspora correspondents were there to report their impressions.


    by Stefanos Livos

    I arrived shortly after 1pm in the event, at the time Owen Jones from Guardian was speaking. The atmosphere was really nice, with [...]

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  • Election Flight: The Teaser

    Unable to vote from abroad, four young Greeks decide to catch a flight in order to come home for the national elections.

    This is the teaser for our new mini documentary, directed by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos. Stay tuned.

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  • Waterlooplein: When gyros met bougatsa

    In the flea market of Waterlooplein, Dimitris organises a housewarming party for his brand new chicken gyros canteen. Right next to him, Vasilis has been serving bougatsa pastry and frappé coffee for the last five years. Together, they have created an Amsterdam hot spot for Greeks and their international friends.

    Guest appearance by Thomas Huisman (bouzouki).

    Filmed & edited by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Sound recording and mixing by Nikos Kandarakis Translation to English by Christina Tziouvara Research by Gina Tsilimpi

    This [...]

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  • The Colony, Episode 1 – “Skype Call”

    “We came here in an organised escape plan”

    Paris left Greece and moved to London together with his little sister, Athena. Tania came later with her boyfriend, Chris, hoping that her chemistry degree can find her a job. They all miss granny’s cooking.

    Filmed & edited by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Sound recording and mixing by Nikos Kandarakis

    This documentary is protected with a creative commons license. Unauthorized commercial use, derivatives and TV broadcasting are strictly forbidden.

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  • )

    New Diaspora: Year One

    13/3/2014. New Diaspora was launched exactly one year ago. It started as an initiative of a small team, developed into a worldwide online community and slowly evolves into a participatory media channel that records an entire migration wave as it happens; at the same time providing a networking hub for the new generation of Greeks living abroad.

    We are celebrating our first birthday with a compilation of short clips from the 6 web documentaries we have completed so far: [...]

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  • Reload Greece

    On the 15th of October 2013, the New Diaspora crew landed in Gatwick airport. One of the main reasons for our filming expedition was the MeetU@Reload event, hosted at the London Google Campus by Reload Greece on October 19th.

    Reload Greece is the hub of Greek entrepreneurship in London, seeking solutions that can generate economic growth and social impact in Greece.
 It started as an initiative by young Greeks to inspire and educate [...]

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  • Reload Greece: The Teaser

    New Diaspora traveled to London and filmed the team of Reload Greece in action. This is a teaser of our web documentary about what Reload Greece does and stands for. Stay tuned.

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  • Marylebone Road: Christina Garidi

    When we launched New Diaspora in March 2013, we were grateful to have Christina as the very first person contributing an “open letter” to our project.

    We hadn’t planned to film Christina’s story during our short visit to London, since we both had pressing schedules to follow. However, we managed to squeeze time for a brief encounter. It was worth it.

    Christina studied Environmental Sciences in Southampton before she moved up north to get her Master in [...]

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  • The Three Hundreds: Alexandros Ioannou

    100 days, 100 Euros, 100 places to see. Alexandros returns home from Scotland to Cyprus, traveling mainly by bicycle. We had the chance to interview him and his companion, Yannis, when they passed through Amsterdam.

    Visit the 3×100 Facebook page to read the full story of this journey.

    Filmed by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Research by Gina Tsilimpi Edited by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos & Michael Papadakis Music by Nikos Kandarakis

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  • Tunisia: Yannis Arvanitis

    Yannis moved to Tunisia only a few days before the revolution started.

    Watch and share our new web documentary, which has already been hosted in ARTE Future on August 15th 2013 (in French and German).

    Directed by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos Sound design and mix by Nikos Kandarakis Editing by Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos & Michael Papadakis

    This documentary is protected with a creative commons license. Commercial use, derivatives and TV broadcasting are strictly forbidden, unless authorized by New Diaspora.

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  • Morning Tales: George Mitrakas

    Thanks to George, Wageningen is the only Dutch town that has a traditional Greek café and food store.

    Watch and share our new web documentary, which will be also hosted in ARTE Future on August 15th 2013 (in French and German).

    Directed by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos Research by Gina Tsilimpi Sound recording by Nikos Kandarakis Editing by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos & Michael Papadakis

    This documentary is protected with a creative commons license. Commercial use, derivatives and TV broadcasting are strictly [...]

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Latest Additions

  • New Diaspora is looking for a Junior Content Manager

    New Diaspora is looking for a Junior Content Manager

    New Diaspora is looking for a Junior Content Manager, based in Athens, Greece. This  is a part-time internship for a period of four months, with the prospect of turning into a paid part-time or full-time job in September 2015.

    The ideal candidate should be:

    Fluent in both Greek and English Excellent in communicating with team members and content contributors Experienced in online media content management Familiar with WordPress CMS Confident in his/her organisational and creative skills Active in [...]

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  • They live among us: Broke ‘n Chic

    They live among us: Broke ‘n Chic

    They live among us: Familiar faces in foreign places

    Alexia Polou, reporting from Brussels

    -In today’s menu we have “poulet avec chicon au gratin”, marinaded in wine… -Hmm… Yes, sounds great! And what’s in the cover charge? -Bread. -Alors, I’ll have one of those… Broke ‘n Chic She run out of money because she didn’t know she needed a bigger budget to live abroad. She doesn’t care, though! If you go out for cocktails with her, [...]

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  • Clean Monday

    Clean Monday

    Following the end of the carnival, Greeks all over the world celebrate “Clean Monday”, the first day of Lent.

    According to tradition, friends and family gather to fly a paper kite and eat all sorts of tasty meze dishes, called “nistissima” (food that doesn’t contain meat, eggs or dairy products), such as dolmadakia, octopus, sea food, broad beans, tzatziki, fish egg roe salad, and many more.

    Will you try and fly a kite today? Have you prepared any [...]

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  • Oedipus in Amsterdam

    Oedipus in Amsterdam

    Sophocle’s play on how it’s choice and not fate that determines our destiny has never been so relevant.

    A 26 international cast member group is bringing to life the classic Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex under the direction of Greek director and actress Theodora Voutsa. The play will premiere on Friday 27th of February at the theatre of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It is, however, an independent international production performed in English [...]

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  • Hellas Pindakaas on New Diaspora – Solidarity with the people in Greece

    Hellas Pindakaas on New Diaspora – Solidarity with the people in Greece

    Every Friday, at 21.00 Dutch time, Nikos Koulousios surfs on a Greek surfing board among the Dutch radio-waves of Salto Wereld FM, the public radio station of Amsterdam, looking for images, sounds and experiences that eliminate the distance between people and countries, using music as a compass and a series of discussions with Greek and Dutch guests as a map.

    Listen to the broadcast live on radio at 99.4 Mhz and at 104.6 Amsterdam cable, [...]

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  • I am Greek!

    I am Greek!

    by Natalie Tzobanakis (“Where am I?)

    These days, our lives have been revolving around the developments that followed the Greek national elections. But at the same time our everyday activities must still go on…

    As any of you who have been reading my blog already know, I am sincerely concerned about the contemporary meaning of the Greek identity, both for us Greeks and for non­-Greeks alike. With our country going through the [...]

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  • Photos from world demonstrations in solidarity to Greece, February 11 #mazi

    Photos from world demonstrations in solidarity to Greece, February 11 #mazi

    The emergency Eurogroup meeting in Brussels ended last night, without the announcement of a deal – or even a common statement – from Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, and his counterparts in other European countries. There will be a second Eurogroup meeting on Monday, with high hopes from both sides that a mutually beneficial agreement will be reached.

    Meanwhile, demonstrations against further austerity were held in Athens and many cities in Greece and all [...]

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  • “Mazi” means “together”

    “Mazi” means “together”

    List of international solidarity events at the end of this post.

    Since the newly elected Greek government announced there will be no extension of the austerity programme that has led to a deepening of the crisis, the drums of economic war have started beating across Europe.

    On February 4th, the European Central Bank (ECB) withdrew the waiver under which it was prepared to accept Greek sovereign bonds as collateral for liquidity, fueling scenarios about [...]

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  • From Greece through Spain to Costa Rica

    From Greece through Spain to Costa Rica

    See YOUth Around

    Young people in our time travel all over the world, mixing nationalities, cities and identities. Each one of them, depending on his/her motive, chases a dream, an ambition, knowledge, experiences or a better standard of living. This ‘mobile generation’ forms a nucleus of social evolution towards the idea of a global identity. See YOUth Around dedicates a little cyberspace to young people of different nationalities, traveling to a new experience or a new start.

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  • Open Letter from San Fransisco vol. 2

    Open Letter from San Fransisco vol. 2

    By Laura Moussa

    Traveling, finding true love and living life creatively always fascinated me. I left Greece for those reasons without any remorse. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss it; my family mostly-who helped make my dream come true, my friends and those little things in Greece that now seem so mandatory for my sanity.

    Simplistic assumptions, is what I don’t miss from Greece; the tendency that people have to [...]

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  • Foreign Correspondents

    Foreign Correspondents

    During the last few days, the political and economic developments concerning Greece have been overwhelming. International press publishes front page articles about SYRIZA winning the elections, the attempts to renegotiate Greek debt, as well as the proclamations of the new government to fight corruption and implement sweeping social changes. As for the Greek Financial Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, he has become an overnight pop star that some people worship and others hate.

    As a result, there is an increased [...]

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  • #icannotvote


    Tom Tziros, reporting from Germany

    (this article is only available in Greek, even though part of its content is in English and other languages)

    [View the story "I cannot Vote hashtag" on Storify]

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