A Greek-Japanese in London

My name is Christina, I am half Greek and half Japanese. I grew up and I was educated in Greece. I now live and work in London.

I just want to share that, increasingly the immigration offices are making it very difficult for Greeks to enter European countries with an ID card (France, Spain, the UK etc). Even with a Greek passport in Norway, I had to tell them that I called the Norwegian embassy and I checked that I do not need a Visa (gave then the name of the lady I spoke and the telephone number) and then only they would shut up and let me in!

I am honoured to be a Hellene and I notice the change in European attitude towards us. The media has convinced the “wealthy” western nations that the all the Greek people are a bunch of irresponsible tax evaders that deserve to be treated like guilty criminals. All of this frustration for the EU common currency failure has to be addressed somewhere and we are the recipients. How can young people deserve what the previous generations have architected? Most Greeks I know are honest, talented, cultured and hard-workling people who love life and respect other cultures and would happily stay in their country not bothering anyone, if they could!

It is true that there is a mass migration of young Greeks to other countries due to the economic situation in our homeland. We are unwanted immigrants. I left for a better future too, 12 years ago. I could see the struggling society and the corruption and I run to escape it. I “fled the battlefield” and I am not proud about this. However, the tolerance to diversity, meritocracy and an open job market has helped my career progression in the UK. But I was lucky that I left early, while the country was in ignorant bliss of the years to come. Now the job market is tough for everyone not only the Greeks in Europe.

I feel every young Greek person deserves to be part of a stable society and financial framework to thrive. I am sure the New Greek Diaspora will find its deserved position into the European and worldwide socio-economic fabric and shine!




  1. Margot says:


    I’m a journalist doing some reviewing of world cup matches, for a world cup blog exploring and celebrating London’s diasporas: https://aroundtheworldfutbol.wordpress.com

    Me and a friend are reviewing the Greece/Japan match tonight and it just seems too good an opportunity to miss to ask if you were still living in london- whether we could watch it with you? Alternatively- can you advise anywhere to watch it in central/east london?

    Sorry if this seems weird- I’m not a nutter I PROMISE.

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