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Stella Bompotsiari and her team of teachers teach Greek to kids and adults from all over the world through her online school Greek Lessons OnLine. Stella lives in London, where she moved with her husband in 2014, while all her teachers are based in Greece teaching Greece to students from all over the world.

Your Greek school at home. Our students just need a computer, internet connection, a microphone, a webcam and their books. Instead of having somebody to drive them to their Greek school they just enter their Greek class from their computer!

Multinational students speaking Greek. Being in a class with classmates from other cities, countries or even continents makes learning with Greek Lessons OnLine a unique learning experience! We have students from all over the world, Australia, Morocco, Qatar, Lebanon, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Germany, Cyprus, Israel, New Mexico, New York, Washington DC, Texas, Alabama, Oregon and many more places. No matter where they come from, they all share the same goal, to speak Greek!

Qualified teachers. All our teachers are qualified, highly trained, and have graduated some of the most prestigious greek Universities. Though the most important fact is that they are based in Greece and therefore they bring our students closer to the greek reality during the lessons.

Learning in small group & private classes. Most people relate online learning exclusively with one-to-one sessions but we find small group classes to be beneficial to our students’ learning. The tools, the environment, the learning content and our highly trained teacher make our online group classes very motivating and highly interesting!

The learning material.  The learning content used for each student or class is tailored to their needs and their background.  

Safety and control. How can we be sure that a student is not on Facebook during the lesson? We are using a tool, which locks the students’ screen to our classroom view. However, do you think that an experienced teacher cannot really tell who is paying attention and who is not?

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  1. Maria says:

    I’d like to ask about the kriteria you use to choose the teachers of greek language. What somebody would do if he/she wanted to join the company and offer lessons through skype.
    Thank you

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