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  • 4 years New Diaspora: we’re gonna need a bigger boat

    4 years New Diaspora: we’re gonna need a bigger boat

    New Diaspora started its journey exactly four years ago, on March 13, 2013. After months of painstaking preparation, οn the day of its launch it was meant as three things in one: a) a web documentary series, b) a collection of open letters, interviews and other articles, c) an online community with the ability to become an active global network.

    The main reason I decided to create a platform dedicated to the new Greek [...]

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  • My very own Greek summer: Symbiosis Lesvos Arts Festival

    My very own Greek summer: Symbiosis Lesvos Arts Festival

    New Diaspora is on a summer break until the end of August, waiting for your very own Greek summer impressions, so we can create yet another collective photo album.

    In the meantime, this is a short video I made as a guest at Symbiosis Lesvos Arts Festival, where I also had the chance to screen two New Diaspora mini documentaries: “The Colony: Skype call” and “Waterlooplein: When gyros met [...]

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  • We are all migrants, and we always have been

    We are all migrants, and we always have been

    The following article was originally published on The Critique

    According to international scientific consensus, our species first originated in Africa around 150,000 years ago. 60,000 years ago, the first Homo Sapiens set foot in the Middle East, and 20,000 years later they reached Europe. Here they came in contact with the Neanderthals, the only genuine natives of the continent. It didn’t go well. It took about 20,000 years [...]

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  • In Search of Europe

    In Search of Europe

    Back in June 2015, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Lucas De Man, a multi-talented Belgian director, performer and journalist, who was shooting at the time a 50 minute documentary film with the title In Search of Europe, meeting modern visionaries. 

    Being the founder and creative director of New Diaspora, I had the opportunity to discuss with Lucas the causes and implications of the ‘Greek brain drain’ phenomenon, as well as my vision for a participatory [...]

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  • 12 tips for desperate neomigrants

    12 tips for desperate neomigrants

    Occasionally, we receive messages in New Diaspora’s inbox like this one:

    “hello… I arrived in the UK a few days ago, I registered and I have rented a house… I’d like a link to help me… thank you very much…”

    Or this one:

    “I need your help a friend of mine is looking for a job in Frankfurt he’s been here for 3 months and doesn’t speak German”


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  • Tourists, immigrants and refugees

    Tourists, immigrants and refugees

    Following 16 months of absence, I returned to Amsterdam for a week; the city where I experienced from a distance the first 5 years of the Greek crisis. It was here that I first came in contact with the ‘neomigrant’ wave of my compatriots, it was here that I realised it’s imperative to record this migration wave with my camera as much as I could, it was here that I persuaded my friends to help me set up and [...]

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  • 7 facts that show why threatening to kick Greece out of the Schengen zone is hypocritical

    7 facts that show why threatening to kick Greece out of the Schengen zone is hypocritical

    Greece has “seriously neglected” its obligations to control the external frontier of Europe’s passport-free Schengen zone, the European Commission says in a draft report. As a result, the EU now threatens to kick Greece out of the Schengen zone. [source: BBC]

    It is highly unlikely that Greece will exit the Schengen zone. If it does, Greek citizens will still be able to travel and work in other EU countries, as long as they carry with them a valid passport [...]

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  • New Year Resolutions

    New Year Resolutions

    It’s been over a year since I left Amsterdam and returned to Athens. And what a year it has been! 

    My hopes to adapt quickly and see the beginning of the end of the crisis were dashed miserably. Instead of securing the funds that would allow the New Diaspora platform to grow, I found myself trapped into a toxic political climate and a frozen market, where I couldn’t even secure my own [...]

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  • New Diaspora: Our own part of the story

    New Diaspora: Our own part of the story


    The following article was first published on Cultural Politics of the Greek Crisis

    Amidst an unprecedented refugee crisis that dominates international headlines, sparks public demonstrations of both solidarity and discrimination, and even shakes the foundations of the European project, a more quiet and far less tragic migration flow continues to grow. Media and scholars often refer to it as ‘the Greek brain drain’, even though it has already become something [...]

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  • Let Greeks Abroad Vote

    Let Greeks Abroad Vote

    Parliamentary elections 2015, volume two.

    Following the signing of a new agreement with the creditors, and the dashing of expectations for the abolition of austerity measures imposed on Greece over the last five years, political developments have led to a resignation of the government, split of the Syriza party and a new appeal to the polls. On September 20, all adult Greek citizens will have the right to participate in the electoral [...]

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  • History in the making

    History in the making

    Last time there was a referendum in Greece, it coincided with the end of the military dictatorship and the abolishment of monarchy. I was four years old, and most of the people who have left Greece recently hadn’t been born yet.

    Seven months ago I took the decision to return to my country, despite the economic, political and ethical crisis that had driven me away for five years. One of the reasons for [...]

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  • #GReferendum


    Late at night on Friday June 26th, the Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, announced a referendum, which was approved by parliamentary majority 24 hours later. The question that will be addressed to the Greek people concerns the acceptance or rejection of the most recent proposal set forth by creditors, which has been characterized as an “ultimatum”. You can read in detail what this proposal includes here.

    As expected, there were intense reactions both [...]

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