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  • 4 years New Diaspora: we’re gonna need a bigger boat

    4 years New Diaspora: we’re gonna need a bigger boat

    New Diaspora started its journey exactly four years ago, on March 13, 2013. After months of painstaking preparation, οn the day of its launch it was meant as three things in one: a) a web documentary series, b) a collection of open letters, interviews and other articles, c) an online community with the ability to become an active global network.

    The main reason I decided to create a platform dedicated to the new Greek [...]

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  • The number of Greeks who moved abroad during the crisis

    The number of Greeks who moved abroad during the crisis

    According to the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad, more than 350,000 Greek citizens have abandoned their country during the ongoing 7-year economic recession.

    Most of the data was gathered directly from statistic bureaus and other official sources in destination countries. In some cases, the exact number of Greeks who registered in local municipalities or attained work permits is not known, and a rough estimate was provided instead. Greek embassies and consulates also contributed [...]

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  • Your very own Greek summer

    Your very own Greek summer

    Summer is here, and lots of Greeks living abroad are returning home for a quick (or sometimes extended) vacation. Will you be visiting your place of origin, revisiting  your favourite summer destination or exploring something new? 

    As we did with our Windows of the world album, we are asking the members of our global community to contribute their photo stories from Greek summer 2016. Beaches, mountains, landmarks, sunsets, delicacies and happy moments with or without good [...]

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  • In Search of Europe

    In Search of Europe

    Back in June 2015, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Lucas De Man, a multi-talented Belgian director, performer and journalist, who was shooting at the time a 50 minute documentary film with the title In Search of Europe, meeting modern visionaries. 

    Being the founder and creative director of New Diaspora, I had the opportunity to discuss with Lucas the causes and implications of the ‘Greek brain drain’ phenomenon, as well as my vision for a participatory [...]

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  • 1st “Greece All Over” Festival in the Netherlands, May 27th-29th 2016

    1st “Greece All Over” Festival in the Netherlands, May 27th-29th 2016

    “Greece All Over” Festival is an exhibition/bazaar of Greek products and services, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Education, and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (Foreign Ministry).

    The Social Cooperative Enterprise (KOIN.S.EP) “Greece All Over” (Ellada Pantou) organizes the first Festival «Greece All Ove» in Amsterdam on 27/28/29 May 2016 in the multi-functional hall “De Hallen” in the heart of the city (address Hannie Dankbaarpassage Passage 33 1053 RT Amsterdam). The [...]

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  • How will you celebrate this year’s Greek Easter abroad?

    How will you celebrate this year’s Greek Easter abroad?

    Even though this year’s Orthodox Easter coincides with May 1st, many expatriate Greeks will face bad weather conditions that are unprecedented for the season.

    There was snow recently in quite a few Western European countries, and the temperature is expected to be very low this weekend. In America, Asia, Africa and Australia things will be different of course, and many diaspora Greeks will organise outdoor barbecues; with or without the traditional lamb on a spit. Some might even dare [...]

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  • Athens Live needs your support

    Athens Live needs your support

    Anyone who is familiar with Greek media knows they are not famous for being impartial, nor for being reliable. Nevertheless, there are obviously exceptions that verify the rule. One of them is AthensLive, a new project that aspires to become the first independent English-speaking news portal in Greece. Visit the crowdfunding campaign of Athens Live on Indiegogo to contribute in funding the effort. If you want to be persuaded first that it’s an initiative worth [...]

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  • Draft bill for expatriate Greeks to be able to vote from abroad

    Draft bill for expatriate Greeks to be able to vote from abroad

    The leader of the main opposition party in Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, submitted a draft bill regarding the right of expatriate Greek citizens to vote in the parliamentary elections of their country from abroad.

    You can read the proposal in detail here (available only in Greek).

    New Diaspora has repeatedly addressed this issue, considering that it is unacceptable for Greek citizens who are already registered in election rolls to be prevented from their right to vote from [...]

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  • Brussels under attack

    Brussels under attack

    Terrible news from Brussels, where explosions at the Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station have left several people dead and many more wounded.

    Back in November, New Diaspora had published Fear and Loathing in Brussels, with Greeks living in Belgium commenting on the unprecedented security measures following the terrorist attacks in France (Greeks in Paris talk about the night of terror).

    Hoping that all Greeks [...]

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  • 3 years New Diaspora

    3 years New Diaspora

    New Diaspora celebrates its 3rd year anniversary today!

    Since March 13, 2013, we have published 365 posts and 11 mini documentaries, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from 170 countries. At the same time, we became a registered Foundation under Dutch law and we affiliated with tens of organisations and groups, getting repeatedly featured in the international and Greek press. Continuously focusing on the stories of the new generation of Greeks living abroad during the crisis, our goal [...]

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  • LoveGreece & New Diaspora partnership

    LoveGreece & New Diaspora partnership

    Love Greece and New Diaspora go hand in hand with the communication of the most productive Greeks

    The productivity of Greek people unfolds itself within and outside the borders of their country.

    The current conditions have awakened the most optimistic and most energetic side of the Greeks, and thus our fellow citizens have been lead to an extremely creative period. Along these lines, LoveGreece.com and newdiaspora.com have joined forces, united in their [...]

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  • New Year Resolutions

    New Year Resolutions

    It’s been over a year since I left Amsterdam and returned to Athens. And what a year it has been! 

    My hopes to adapt quickly and see the beginning of the end of the crisis were dashed miserably. Instead of securing the funds that would allow the New Diaspora platform to grow, I found myself trapped into a toxic political climate and a frozen market, where I couldn’t even secure my own [...]

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