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  • Diaspora Greeks appear split over “Macedonia” name dispute

    Diaspora Greeks appear split over “Macedonia” name dispute

    Replying to New Diaspora’s questionnaire, Greeks abroad seem to be more conciliatory compared to their compatriots in Greece. 

    On January 21st, 2018, a large rally took place in Thessaloniki, demanding that the word “Macedonia” will not be included in the official and constitutional name of FYROM, the Balkan state that has already been recognised by 130 countries as “Republic of Macedonia”. Since the early 1990s, the standing position of the Greek state remains the acceptance of a composite [...]

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  • Survey: Greeks abroad on FYROM name dispute

    Survey: Greeks abroad on FYROM name dispute

    Our survey is now closed. Click here to see the results.

    New Diaspora always cares about national issues, as well as the general notion of a national identity. We have therefore created a short survey to record the opinion of Greeks abroad on the current issue of the name of FYROM. The survey is exclusively in Greek, mainly addressed at Greek nationals who permanently reside abroad.

    Please answer the questionnaire until Sunday the 28th of [...]

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  • HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN 2018: More than a Festival

    HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN 2018: More than a Festival

    January 24–28, 2018, Urban Spree

    HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN is a Greek film festival established in 2015 to highlight the current, highly artistic Greek film scene and present it to a German audience. Films are a unique source to communicate and a great medium through which to expand alternate ways of thinking and seeing Greece and its culture.

    Primarily, HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN aspires to be a platform for “New Greek Cinema”. We [...]

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  • Share your New Year wishes

    Share your New Year wishes

    With only a few days separating us from 2018, we would like new diaspora Greeks from all over the world to share with our community their holiday photos and wishes for the New Year.

    Your pictures can be anything that relates to the subject: holiday decorations in the city you live in, a taste from your Christmas dinner, or even a selfie together with your pet wearing a Santa Claus hat. Please accompany them with your first name, [...]

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  • Poets Radio: with Greece as a Compass

    Poets Radio: with Greece as a Compass

    A new web radio channel is on air! From November 4th, poets-radio.net broadcasts quality music, poems and live shows on a daily basis.

    The collaboration between Poets Radio and New Diaspora aims at joining forces in order to bring forward issues that concern Greeks living and creating abroad.

    Irini Gavala’s broadcast With Greece as a Compass is dedicated to the Greek Diaspora. You can listen to it (in Greek) every Wednesday for two hours, from 22:00 [...]

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  • ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ in the Netherlands

    ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ in the Netherlands

    Following the success of ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ in Berlin and Stockholm, Amsterdam has been chosen as its next stop on its tour of towns abroad that have large concentrations of Greeks. The event will include discussions on the networking of Greeks abroad with those who live in Greece, the means of achieving this and the benefits arising from it.

    In order to inform Greeks living in Holland about the ways in [...]

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  • Knowledge & Partnership Bridges in Stockholm

    Knowledge & Partnership Bridges in Stockholm

    The event focused on the networking and actions of organisations and individuals involved in the ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ initiative.

    The highly successful tour to spread word of the ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ initiative continued with its second stop in Stockholm. Greeks from the Swedish capital were at the Hellenic Cultural Home on 21 October attending an event organised by the Federation of Greek Associations and Communities of Sweden, the General Secretariat for Strategy [...]

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  • Reload Greece Conference 2017: The Unstoppable Generation

    Reload Greece Conference 2017: The Unstoppable Generation

    The fourth annual Reload Greece Conference takes place in London on Saturday 28th October

    The Unstoppable Generation: Hacking Entrepreneurship into a Culture will explore and debate how a mindset of entrepreneurism can be hacked into a culture to create long term and sustainable change. Distinguished international speakers from The World Bank, European Investment Bank (EIB), European Investment Fund (EIF), Bloomberg Associates and e-Estonia as well as young and mighty individuals, such as Philipp Brinkmann from Tripsta and [...]

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  • 4 years New Diaspora: we’re gonna need a bigger boat

    4 years New Diaspora: we’re gonna need a bigger boat

    New Diaspora started its journey exactly four years ago, on March 13, 2013. After months of painstaking preparation, οn the day of its launch it was meant as three things in one: a) a web documentary series, b) a collection of open letters, interviews and other articles, c) an online community with the ability to become an active global network.

    The main reason I decided to create a platform dedicated to the new Greek [...]

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  • The number of Greeks who moved abroad during the crisis

    The number of Greeks who moved abroad during the crisis

    According to the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad, more than 350,000 Greek citizens have abandoned their country during the ongoing 7-year economic recession.

    Most of the data was gathered directly from statistic bureaus and other official sources in destination countries. In some cases, the exact number of Greeks who registered in local municipalities or attained work permits is not known, and a rough estimate was provided instead. Greek embassies and consulates also contributed [...]

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  • Your very own Greek summer

    Your very own Greek summer

    Summer is here, and lots of Greeks living abroad are returning home for a quick (or sometimes extended) vacation. Will you be visiting your place of origin, revisiting  your favourite summer destination or exploring something new? 

    As we did with our Windows of the world album, we are asking the members of our global community to contribute their photo stories from Greek summer 2016. Beaches, mountains, landmarks, sunsets, delicacies and happy moments with or without good [...]

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  • In Search of Europe

    In Search of Europe

    Back in June 2015, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Lucas De Man, a multi-talented Belgian director, performer and journalist, who was shooting at the time a 50 minute documentary film with the title In Search of Europe, meeting modern visionaries. 

    Being the founder and creative director of New Diaspora, I had the opportunity to discuss with Lucas the causes and implications of the ‘Greek brain drain’ phenomenon, as well as my vision for a participatory [...]

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