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  • Poets Radio: with Greece as a Compass

    Poets Radio: with Greece as a Compass

    A new web radio channel is on air! From November 4th, poets-radio.net broadcasts quality music, poems and live shows on a daily basis.

    The collaboration between Poets Radio and New Diaspora aims at joining forces in order to bring forward issues that concern Greeks living and creating abroad.

    Irini Gavala’s broadcast With Greece as a Compass is dedicated to the Greek Diaspora. You can listen to it (in Greek) every Wednesday for two hours, from 22:00 [...]

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  • ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ in the Netherlands

    ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ in the Netherlands

    Following the success of ‘Knowledge and Partnership Bridges’ in Berlin and Stockholm, Amsterdam has been chosen as its next stop on its tour of towns abroad that have large concentrations of Greeks. The event will include discussions on the networking of Greeks abroad with those who live in Greece, the means of achieving this and the benefits arising from it.

    In order to inform Greeks living in Holland about the ways in [...]

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  • Saint Martin’s lanterns

    Saint Martin’s lanterns

    November 11th is Saint Martin’s holiday. Germans consider it a good opportunity for their children to learn how to share their belongings with others.

    - To share generously - To offer without expecting return

    How many times have we said that to our children, hoping that they will understand and start doing so? A very good opportunity for “revision” in many European countries is the 11th of November and the [...]

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  • The theatrical illustrations of Sophia Pistofidou

    The theatrical illustrations of Sophia Pistofidou

    Sophia Pistofidou grew up in Athens and lives in London, where she works as an illustrator and graphic designer who creates imagery based around an absurdist perception of the weak line between truth and illusion.

    “In my life, illustration was born from a need to communicate rather than simply create. From a young age, when I needed to impart an idea, it was easier to create a picture to express opinions and [...]

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  • Knowledge & Partnership Bridges in Stockholm

    Knowledge & Partnership Bridges in Stockholm

    The event focused on the networking and actions of organisations and individuals involved in the ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ initiative.

    The highly successful tour to spread word of the ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ initiative continued with its second stop in Stockholm. Greeks from the Swedish capital were at the Hellenic Cultural Home on 21 October attending an event organised by the Federation of Greek Associations and Communities of Sweden, the General Secretariat for Strategy [...]

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  • Reload Greece Conference 2017: The Unstoppable Generation

    Reload Greece Conference 2017: The Unstoppable Generation

    The fourth annual Reload Greece Conference takes place in London on Saturday 28th October

    The Unstoppable Generation: Hacking Entrepreneurship into a Culture will explore and debate how a mindset of entrepreneurism can be hacked into a culture to create long term and sustainable change. Distinguished international speakers from The World Bank, European Investment Bank (EIB), European Investment Fund (EIF), Bloomberg Associates and e-Estonia as well as young and mighty individuals, such as Philipp Brinkmann from Tripsta and [...]

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  • Photo by Joan, Flickr

    There is no shame, treachery or convenience in living abroad

    A few days ago, a full year has passed since I started living in Berlin. The first time, a couple of years ago, I was here for a few hours as a tourist. The second time I came it was for some days as part of a research project. The third time, being an Erasmus+ student, I stayed for a year. My fourth stay at the German capital, which started in the end of August 2016, a year [...]

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  • New Greek Migration: Berlin, October 14 & 15

    New Greek Migration: Berlin, October 14 & 15

    New Diaspora is a media partner of the conference “New Greek Migration”, that will take place in Berlin, October 14 & 15, 2017.

    Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos, the founder and creative director of New Diaspora, will be among the speakers, that include professors L. Lambrianidis (University of Macedonia), M. Pratsinakis (University of Oxford), T. Aravositas (York University, Toronto), A. Tamis (Notre Dame University, Australia), A. Hatzi (Panteion University), M. Damanakis (University of Crete), S. [...]

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  • Chrysa decided to live in Zurich

    Chrysa decided to live in Zurich

    The idea of gathering all my stuff and moving to someplace “else” without a specific preference as to where this should be existed in my mind since the age of six.

    I would prepare a little bag with a dress, a pair of panties and El Macadorel, my beloved one-eyed stuffed little elephant. Later, with my cousins as accomplishes, I would hide in my uncle’s car having Astros, Kynouria, as my destination.


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  • Summer in the village

    Summer in the village

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (apomamasemama.com)

    - What plant is this? – I don’t know, will you tell me? – This is a watelmelon….

    This is only one of the several similar conversations in my everyday life with my 3 year old son, after having spent one whole month in the village with his grandparents. I happen to have a blessed child, who is fortunate enough to spend one-twelfth of the year [...]

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  • Photo by hehaden, Flickr

    Researching the Greek “Morality Drain”

    Konstantinos Papangelopoulos is completing his Master’s studies in Public Policy & Human Development, at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and United Nations University in the Netherlands.

    In order to write his thesis, he is looking for expatriate Greeks who are willing to be interviewed for his research on “The impact of migration experiences on perceptions of transparency and meritocracy: A case study on Greek migrants in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom”. In his own words:

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  • Margarita Chrysaki: From Greece’s Unemployment To The Offices Of The European Parliament

    Margarita Chrysaki: From Greece’s Unemployment To The Offices Of The European Parliament

    by Kelly Fanarioti, Huffington Post

    I learned Margarita’s story accidentally by a friend who saw her on TV. “I have marked her name because she is a new journalist and you may be interested in talking to her”, he told me.

    So it happened. After I heard about her journey from unemployment to a dream job, I found her on Facebook, we exchanged some messages and then talked to Skype for more than an hour.

    Margarita, [...]

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