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  • “The Boy with the Blue Hair” comes to London

    “The Boy with the Blue Hair” comes to London

    Eleanna Santorinaiou was born and raised in Athens, where she studied Philosophy & History of Science at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. In 2012 she moved to London in order to study at the London Film Academy.  So far, she has directed five short films and a short documentary, and she has also written a feature length script. Eleanna also writes and directs theatre plays for the young audience.

    On [...]

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  • Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli was one of the speakers in TEDx Panteion University Women, an event that discussed topics about the contribution of women over time, because now more than ever it’s about time for equal rights and responsibilities. 

    Christina was born in Ioannina in 1986. She studied journalism and audiovisual communication at the Panteion University of Athens and obtained a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. She now works in Barcelona [...]

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  • 2nd London Hellenic Festival (October 9, 2016)

    2nd London Hellenic Festival (October 9, 2016)

    Following last year’s big success, the 2nd London Hellenic Festival is back. Ark4Art and the Hellenic Centre present a day full of events, aiming to bring together London’s and UK’s Greek and Cypriot communities, but also addressing anyone who lives away from their native lands.

    This year’s theme is ‘Coming Together’. How can we, together, wherever we live, shape the future of our homeland? We are creating a platform and [...]

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  • SYMBIOSIS: Lesvos Welcomes the World

    SYMBIOSIS: Lesvos Welcomes the World

    by Lida Aslanidou

    A Greek expat returns home and welcomes the world to SYMBIOSIS -  a big celebration of solidarity, multiculturalism, open dialogue and cultural exchange.

    SYMBIOSIS Lesvos Arts Festival was the epiphany of a moment – or the result of many, scattered thoughts that were going round in circles in my head for a few years now.

    I was planning my own Brexit for sometime now – [...]

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  • Syn Festival in Edinburgh

    Syn Festival in Edinburgh

    by Paraskevi Papagianni, co-founder of Syn Festival

    In 2013 the Hellenic Society of the University of Edinburgh set in motion a volunteer led initiative that aimed to support and promote the work of Scotland-based Greek artists and artists exploring Greek themes. With this project the society was seeking to illuminate and strengthen the city’s multicultural profile through a variety of cultural activities and to build a sense of creative communion and possibility.


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  • Effie Pappa and her stuffed granny

    Effie Pappa and her stuffed granny

    By Kelly Fanarioti (ScreenEye.net)

    Action, suspense, struggle for survival and in general all the little and great emotions that could fit into an animation, are present in the new film by Effie Pappa, that won the McLaren award for the best British animation in Edinburgh. My Stuffed Granny ’rides the wave’ that has engulfed cinema worldwide, showing that the art of animation could go one step further.

    The plot [...]

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  • Zinovia, a multi-talented composer in France

    Zinovia, a multi-talented composer in France

    Zinovia Arvanitidi was born in Athens, and has been honing her music-composing skills by obtaining various diplomas in Classical Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, orchestration and music technology at Philippos Nakas conservatory of Athens. Since the completion of her musical studies she has been experimenting with electronic sounds, incorporating her influences in classical, electro, ambient, dub, neo-classical, jazz, and film scores into her own sound creations.

    In 2012 Zinovia composed music in the collaborative album “Vanishing Mirror” under the moniker Pill-Oh, released [...]

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  • Kourelou in London

    Kourelou in London

    by Lida Aslanidou

    “Kourelou (eng: rag, patchwork) is exactly what its name implies: a variety of music and sounds that have been forgotten, but we reshape them and bring back on the surface.”

    Greek musicians from completely different backgrounds met in London and connected in an odd way. This rag is made from Epirus, Pontus, the Balkans, the ‘rebetiko’ culture, traditional Greek festivals and contemporary London sounds, and it’s ‘woven’ in the [...]

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  • Irida in the Land of the Living

    Irida in the Land of the Living

    Irida Baglanea is a performer, recently awarded with the Prix Europa for her participation in Orpheus in the Upperworld (Germany), which touches the subject of closely guarded EU borders and irregular migration.

    When did you move to Germany and what led you there?

    Despite the fact that my parents and I had travelled a lot together, especially to developing –as they are being referred to- countries (like Peru and many countries in Africa), [...]

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  • Greeks are entertaining Greeks in Dubai

    Greeks are entertaining Greeks in Dubai

    by Lina Giannarou (repost from Kathimerini newspaper)

    We already know what the Greeks in Dubai will be doing in November the 7th. Well, most of them anyway. They will relax into the comfortable seats of Ductac Theater and they will enjoy the farce by Rigas – Apostolou “Dad, don’t die again on a Friday”, which takes place in Gargalianous; truth be told a place much more fertile for comedy [...]

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  • Hellas Pindakaas – Looking for a house in the Netherlands

    Hellas Pindakaas – Looking for a house in the Netherlands

    Looking for a house in the Netherlands – Listen ON DEMAND! Our partner Aris Emmanouloudis is looking for a house for months, and he had many useful tips to tell us. Our friend George Andronikidis shared his knowledge and experience regarding current legislation and a series of other issues; for example what are our rights as tenants and what we should be careful about. We tried to answer the question of what to do if we try everything [...]

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  • Greek lament meets avant-garde at the Westminster Abbey

    Greek lament meets avant-garde at the Westminster Abbey

    by Mimis Chrysomallis

    The composer

    Born in 1987 in Volos, Greece, Dimitrios Skyllas started playing the piano at an early age and went on to study musicology and piano performance at the University of Kingston, London. He has also studied composition and aesthetics at the University of Edinburgh, and holds a second postgraduate degree in composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

    Currently based in London, Skyllas is a collaborator (composer [...]

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