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  • The New Diaspora Diary #1

    The New Diaspora Diary #1

    This is the first entry in the New Diaspora Diary: stories of Greeks who moved abroad from 2010 until now. Send your stories at ioannis@newdiaspora.com

    November 1st, 2010, somewhere in the Netherlands from an anonymous friend

    First of November, the spirits are high, hundredandthirtysecond month in a row away from my homeland, and counting…

    Everything all right in general, work is fine, nine to five, with a cigarette break at 10, [...]

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  • Giannis writes the New Diaspora Diary

    Giannis writes the New Diaspora Diary

    Hi! My name is Giannis, and even if we don’t know each other, we still live the same time in the same world, we both have access to the unlimited Internet and we speak the same language. If you like, I could find more things that connect us, but one is my very favorite; we don’t give up!

    For sure, this diary is named after me but this luckily does not necessarily mean that [...]

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