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  • Summer in the village

    Summer in the village

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (apomamasemama.com)

    - What plant is this? – I don’t know, will you tell me? – This is a watelmelon….

    This is only one of the several similar conversations in my everyday life with my 3 year old son, after having spent one whole month in the village with his grandparents. I happen to have a blessed child, who is fortunate enough to spend one-twelfth of the year [...]

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  • Hometown stories: Philippi park, Kavala

    Hometown stories: Philippi park, Kavala

    New Diaspora would like to publish your own hometown stories. How do you see the place where you grew up from where you live now? Do you visit often? In what way has it changed? What makes you feel most nostalgic about it? Would you ever consider returning to live there?

    Rigas-Georgios Zapounidis, Munich (Emigrant’s Diary)

    “Our team consists of voluntary, young scientists specialized in many work fields. [...]

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  • Thomas Douzis, Ergon traditional Greek products

    Thomas Douzis, Ergon traditional Greek products

    * The video is in Greek. To activate English subtitles, please click on CC on the video screen.

    Their grandfather had a grocery store in Thessaloniki and their father founded a company for the distribution of Greek food products in 2004, after a long career in multinational food companies. That’s how brothers Thomas and George Douzis got interested in the food industry and decided in 2007 to create the «Ergon» brand which comprises an [...]

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  • Seeking asylum in Europe

    Seeking asylum in Europe

    “The Journey” is a short documentary film by Yannis Vakrinos, produced by Medecins du Monde (Greece). It shows the everyday struggle of staff and volunteers in three asylum seeking hotspots in Greece; namely Lesvos, Chios and Idomeni.

    Since the start of the year, 560,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Greece by sea, with a total of more than 3,200 people losing their lives while attempting to cross the Mediterranean. With winter closing in, [...]

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  • Homecoming – Thessaloniki

    Homecoming – Thessaloniki

    I’m taking the time to narrate some of my experiences from living abroad mostly because I’m tired of hearing, during these last five years, about how perfect things are away from Greece. I wouldn’t bother you by mentioning that there is actual meritocracy abroad, or more opportunities, etc, since you’ve probably heard all those things about five million times…

    I think like that since I’ve lived for 14 years in the UK and not [...]

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  • History in the making

    History in the making

    Last time there was a referendum in Greece, it coincided with the end of the military dictatorship and the abolishment of monarchy. I was four years old, and most of the people who have left Greece recently hadn’t been born yet.

    Seven months ago I took the decision to return to my country, despite the economic, political and ethical crisis that had driven me away for five years. One of the reasons for [...]

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  • Flight 4 our Right

    Flight 4 our Right

    January 25th, 2015. Unable to vote from abroad, four young Greek expats return home for the most critical elections of recent history.

    Antonis is a half-Greek and half-German social entrepreneur. Gevi is a London based filmmaker. Alexandros is a master’s degree student in the Netherlands. Thanos is a member of SYRIZA, living in Berlin. They all have high hopes for the future, and they all want to see expatriate Greeks earning the right to vote from abroad.


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  • A Family Affair – from Crete to Australia

    A Family Affair – from Crete to Australia

    A FAMILY AFFAIR (trailer) from Anemon on Vimeo.

    A Family Affair, an intimate portrait of the famous Xylouris family and their sacred bonds with the musical tradition of Crete, premiered in Greece in January 2015, and in Melbourne, Australia, in March 2015.

    Directed by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, the film follows three generations of musicians of the family who uphold and pass on the vibrant tradition of Cretan music, performing ceaselessly to followers across the world.

    From the [...]

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  • A bit of sea, a bit of wine and my boyfriend*

    A bit of sea, a bit of wine and my boyfriend*

    By Thomas Tziros

    Translated into English by Philippia Stratiki

    “Wherever I travel, Greece wounds me”, wrote Giorgos  Seferis and last week proved, once more, so right. During the London tourism exhibition, WTM, the Greek Minister of Tourism presented, without shame, the following video (or a version of it).

    While at first the video was presented as a promo for the Greek National Tourism Organisation’s (GNTO) strategy, in the process it was “mutated” to a video for the [...]

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  • This is the most Greek point you have ever visited!

    This is the most Greek point you have ever visited!

    By Deppy Spanou

    Originally published on reloadgreece.com

    Have you ever been abroad, in need of something… Greek? Especially if you were (or are at the moment) a permanent resident of a foreign country, then you have definitely gone through those moments when you feel nostalgic about Greek cuisine, literature, dance, music -or however you name it! And then… the other desperate moments when you are looking for a [...]

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  • 10 truths on modern migration

    10 truths on modern migration

    By Petroula Karagianni

    I decided to write about this subject because of two reasons: firstly, because of my job – and not only – I have the chance to talk with a lot of young people (18-25 years) and they often ask me how was the seven years I spent abroad and how it is now I came back to Greece; and secondly because two friends promised to read in the case I was to write about it…

    Actually there [...]

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  • The “unknown” Easter

    The “unknown” Easter

    By Rigas-Georgios Zapounidis

    Living abroad, I’ve become familiar with the presence of foreign words during conversations, in e-mails, etc. So, trying to make my communication here easier, my goal is to increase constantly my vocabulary. But the language is foreign, damn it, and words that I hear for the first time are always showing up, or even if I’ve heard them several times, I don’t remember their meaning, I haven’t absorbed it yet and I -the poor- try [...]

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