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  • Share your New Year wishes

    Share your New Year wishes

    With only a few days separating us from 2018, we would like new diaspora Greeks from all over the world to share with our community their holiday photos and wishes for the New Year.

    Your pictures can be anything that relates to the subject: holiday decorations in the city you live in, a taste from your Christmas dinner, or even a selfie together with your pet wearing a Santa Claus hat. Please accompany them with your first name, [...]

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  • The theatrical illustrations of Sophia Pistofidou

    The theatrical illustrations of Sophia Pistofidou

    Sophia Pistofidou grew up in Athens and lives in London, where she works as an illustrator and graphic designer who creates imagery based around an absurdist perception of the weak line between truth and illusion.

    “In my life, illustration was born from a need to communicate rather than simply create. From a young age, when I needed to impart an idea, it was easier to create a picture to express opinions and [...]

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  • Windows to the world – a New Diaspora photo album

    Windows to the world – a New Diaspora photo album

    A few weeks ago, we asked Greeks living abroad to send us photos with the view from their window, so we would create an album with pictures from all over the world. Their response was spectacular, and we can’t thank them enough for participating. 

    So, what do the Greek ‘neomigrants’ see outside their windows? It is out great pleasure to present our New Diaspora photo collection from three continents, and [...]

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  • A window to the world

    A window to the world

    What do you see outside your window? 

    Greeks are everywhere, and New Diaspora aspires to create a collective album with pictures contributed from the members of its global community.

    All you have to do is shoot a photo with the view outside your window at home or work, and send it to us together with a caption mentioning your first name and the place you live. You can optionally add a short story regarding your picture. [...]

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  • #NewDiasporaXmas


    We asked Greek expats to share their Christmas greetings with us, from wherever they are.

    Keep sending us your photo wishes, or tag us on Instagram and Twitter, using the #NewDiasporaXmas hashtag.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

    Stefanos, London, UK

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  • Oktoberfest in Munich

    Oktoberfest in Munich

    Oktoberfest has started… and this weekend ends when we drink the last Mass. Beautiful dresses, black, green, pink Dirndls, flowery or plain, expensive (a good Dirndl costs up to 1,000 Euros) or cheap ones costing 30 Euros, together with genuine Lederhosen and nice check shirts, dressed this year’s Oktoberfest. Americans, Australians and people from many European cities visited this year’s beer festival, honoring Bavarian Prince Ludwig I, according to a custom established back in [...]

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  • Amsterdam: A decade under the influence

    Amsterdam: A decade under the influence

    by Mimis Chrysomallis

    When I first set foot on Amsterdam some 10 years ago, I was a 23-year-old guy who had never lived outside his native Greece for more than a few weeks. The idea was to stay there for one year, finish my studies and return to my hometown, Athens. Or so I thought.

    Sometimes life makes plans for you instead of the other way around. And so it happened [...]

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  • Gone with the Dust

    Gone with the Dust

    Nicosia experiences a rather unprecedented phenomenon these days. During the four years I live in Cyprus, I have seen various cities ridden with increased dust from neighboring areas, but the current situation is really something new. It started on Monday afternoon, when Pentadaktylos peak suddenly disappeared. In a few minutes you could see an orange fog covering the city little by little.

    We all knew it is dust, however everyone was puzzled because it [...]

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  • History in the making

    History in the making

    Last time there was a referendum in Greece, it coincided with the end of the military dictatorship and the abolishment of monarchy. I was four years old, and most of the people who have left Greece recently hadn’t been born yet.

    Seven months ago I took the decision to return to my country, despite the economic, political and ethical crisis that had driven me away for five years. One of the reasons for [...]

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  • You’re Going Where?

    You’re Going Where?

    When I first told my family and friends in Greece that I was going to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, they thought I had lost it. They did show discretion though and understanding as at the back of their minds they probably thought that was a good thing, so they did not voice their concerns too loud to dissuade me.

    The reason being that they could see that three years of widowhood after [...]

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  • Greek Easter Abroad

    Greek Easter Abroad

    Easter away from home (again). A mix of Italian and Greek cuisine.

    A photo posted by Stefanos Livos (@stefivos) on Apr 13, 2015 at 10:39am PDT

    Stefanos [...]

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  • An end to stereotypes

    An end to stereotypes

    21st March is the International Day for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1966, following the brutal murder of 69 protestors in South African in 1960. The massacre occurred during a protest against the apartheid laws of the South African government, a regime that was systematically enforcing racial inequality and segregation.

    Today racist murders and violence are still frequent and racial discrimination continues to be found [...]

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