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  • Let’s Do It Greece

    Let’s Do It Greece

    Let’s Do It Greece is the country’s largest concurrent environmental campaign, organized entirely by volunteers, young people who love volunteering and altruism. The distinctive feature of the campaign is that volunteering events, environmentally oriented, are being organized on the same day and at the same time all over Greece. In 2017, the 6th continuous year of the campaign, more than 109,000 volunteers participated in over 1,500 volunteering events across the country.

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  • Chrysa decided to live in Zurich

    Chrysa decided to live in Zurich

    The idea of gathering all my stuff and moving to someplace “else” without a specific preference as to where this should be existed in my mind since the age of six.

    I would prepare a little bag with a dress, a pair of panties and El Macadorel, my beloved one-eyed stuffed little elephant. Later, with my cousins as accomplishes, I would hide in my uncle’s car having Astros, Kynouria, as my destination.


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  • Greeks in Britain: the Director

    Greeks in Britain: the Director

    By Nefeli Agkyridou This article was originally posted on eugreeka.com

    They are young, beautiful, (not necessarily single) and they live among us. Greeks who left the warmth of their homeland to come to London, each one in a different period and for a different reason, speak to euGreeka. They talk about the reasons that brought them here, on how they made a new start professionally, about the difficulties they faced, what they miss from [...]

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  • When water unites us… Dutch & Greek city makers meet in Thessaloniki

    When water unites us… Dutch & Greek city makers meet in Thessaloniki

    Nikos Koulousios for Hellas Pindakaas, Netherlands

    What does Thessaloniki sound like, smell like and feels like? What is the vibe of the city? What was a group of Dutch and German city-makers looking to find in Thessaloniki, when they visited the city last October? And did they find it?

    Hellas Pindakaas followed them on their journey, we recorded their story, their vision and experience of the city… and the [...]

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  • Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli was one of the speakers in TEDx Panteion University Women, an event that discussed topics about the contribution of women over time, because now more than ever it’s about time for equal rights and responsibilities. 

    Christina was born in Ioannina in 1986. She studied journalism and audiovisual communication at the Panteion University of Athens and obtained a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. She now works in Barcelona [...]

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  • Living as a crisis exile in France

    Living as a crisis exile in France

    The following interview was initially published in the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles in February 2012.

    Eleni, 33 years old, Economics graduate, childcare 

    “I used to work as a manager at a hospital in Athens. Being unemployed for almost a year I was about to lose my unemployment benefit. I decided to come to Paris because I had some friends here, and that seemed more important to me than the fact I did not speak the language. [...]

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  • SYMBIOSIS: Lesvos Welcomes the World

    SYMBIOSIS: Lesvos Welcomes the World

    by Lida Aslanidou

    A Greek expat returns home and welcomes the world to SYMBIOSIS -  a big celebration of solidarity, multiculturalism, open dialogue and cultural exchange.

    SYMBIOSIS Lesvos Arts Festival was the epiphany of a moment – or the result of many, scattered thoughts that were going round in circles in my head for a few years now.

    I was planning my own Brexit for sometime now – [...]

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  • Artemis will be editing Greek short film “37 Days” in Austin, Texas

    Artemis will be editing Greek short film “37 Days” in Austin, Texas

    Artemis Anastasiadou was already an accomplished film editor before she decided to leave her country. Having previously edited most episodes of the popular Greek TV series The Island, Artemis moved to Austin, Texas about a year ago, in order to study film directing. That’s where she is soon going to be remotely editing 37 Days, a short film by her friend Nikoleta Leousi.

    The film is about a pregnant girl on a “birth strike”. Maria works at a nail salon. She’s [...]

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  • LoveGreece stories: Steve Vranakis

    LoveGreece stories: Steve Vranakis

    Steve Vranakis has had an impressive career in advertising as a creative director and now he is the Executive Creative Director at Google Creative Lab.

    His team in Google has launched some of the campaigns that have changed the way we perceive the world, such as Google Space Lab, the Chrome Web Lab, the Super Sync Sports and The World Wonders Project.

    Also, he and his team work hard to ensure that [...]

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  • LoveGreece stories: Bloode

    LoveGreece stories: Bloode

    Bloode’s idea began in 2012, when Natalia Kritsali and Natalia Bougadeli were still students and were confronted with the problem, when Natalia Bougadeli’s grandmother needed blood. 2014 finds Natalia Kritsali in Athens at Athens University of Economics and Business and Natalia Bougadeli, in U.S.A., at New York University. However, the idea of ​​Bloode remained active. So, Natalia decided to create a group based in Athens, and thus began with Panagiotis and Alexander, students of the Athens University [...]

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  • Expat Nest: Vivian’s online counselling service

    Expat Nest: Vivian’s online counselling service

    Vivian Chiona is the founder and director of Expat Nest, a site that provides emotional support to expats and their families through online counselling services. Having spent most of her developmental years in Greece, she has been living in the Netherlands for the past ten years. A bicultural, multilingual expat with family all over the world, Vivian is familiar with the blessings and challenges of a mobile life.

    Created in 2013, [...]

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  • Effie Pappa and her stuffed granny

    Effie Pappa and her stuffed granny

    By Kelly Fanarioti (ScreenEye.net)

    Action, suspense, struggle for survival and in general all the little and great emotions that could fit into an animation, are present in the new film by Effie Pappa, that won the McLaren award for the best British animation in Edinburgh. My Stuffed Granny ’rides the wave’ that has engulfed cinema worldwide, showing that the art of animation could go one step further.

    The plot [...]

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