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  • Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli was one of the speakers in TEDx Panteion University Women, an event that discussed topics about the contribution of women over time, because now more than ever it’s about time for equal rights and responsibilities. 

    Christina was born in Ioannina in 1986. She studied journalism and audiovisual communication at the Panteion University of Athens and obtained a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. She now works in Barcelona [...]

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  • SYMBIOSIS: Lesvos Welcomes the World

    SYMBIOSIS: Lesvos Welcomes the World

    by Lida Aslanidou

    A Greek expat returns home and welcomes the world to SYMBIOSIS -  a big celebration of solidarity, multiculturalism, open dialogue and cultural exchange.

    SYMBIOSIS Lesvos Arts Festival was the epiphany of a moment – or the result of many, scattered thoughts that were going round in circles in my head for a few years now.

    I was planning my own Brexit for sometime now – [...]

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  • LoveGreece stories: Steve Vranakis

    LoveGreece stories: Steve Vranakis

    Steve Vranakis has had an impressive career in advertising as a creative director and now he is the Executive Creative Director at Google Creative Lab.

    His team in Google has launched some of the campaigns that have changed the way we perceive the world, such as Google Space Lab, the Chrome Web Lab, the Super Sync Sports and The World Wonders Project.

    Also, he and his team work hard to ensure that [...]

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  • In Search of Europe

    In Search of Europe

    Back in June 2015, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Lucas De Man, a multi-talented Belgian director, performer and journalist, who was shooting at the time a 50 minute documentary film with the title In Search of Europe, meeting modern visionaries. 

    Being the founder and creative director of New Diaspora, I had the opportunity to discuss with Lucas the causes and implications of the ‘Greek brain drain’ phenomenon, as well as my vision for a participatory [...]

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  • LoveGreece stories: Bloode

    LoveGreece stories: Bloode

    Bloode’s idea began in 2012, when Natalia Kritsali and Natalia Bougadeli were still students and were confronted with the problem, when Natalia Bougadeli’s grandmother needed blood. 2014 finds Natalia Kritsali in Athens at Athens University of Economics and Business and Natalia Bougadeli, in U.S.A., at New York University. However, the idea of ​​Bloode remained active. So, Natalia decided to create a group based in Athens, and thus began with Panagiotis and Alexander, students of the Athens University [...]

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  • Effie Pappa and her stuffed granny

    Effie Pappa and her stuffed granny

    By Kelly Fanarioti (ScreenEye.net)

    Action, suspense, struggle for survival and in general all the little and great emotions that could fit into an animation, are present in the new film by Effie Pappa, that won the McLaren award for the best British animation in Edinburgh. My Stuffed Granny ’rides the wave’ that has engulfed cinema worldwide, showing that the art of animation could go one step further.

    The plot [...]

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  • Kourelou in London

    Kourelou in London

    by Lida Aslanidou

    “Kourelou (eng: rag, patchwork) is exactly what its name implies: a variety of music and sounds that have been forgotten, but we reshape them and bring back on the surface.”

    Greek musicians from completely different backgrounds met in London and connected in an odd way. This rag is made from Epirus, Pontus, the Balkans, the ‘rebetiko’ culture, traditional Greek festivals and contemporary London sounds, and it’s ‘woven’ in the [...]

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  • Thomas Douzis, Ergon traditional Greek products

    Thomas Douzis, Ergon traditional Greek products

    * The video is in Greek. To activate English subtitles, please click on CC on the video screen.

    Their grandfather had a grocery store in Thessaloniki and their father founded a company for the distribution of Greek food products in 2004, after a long career in multinational food companies. That’s how brothers Thomas and George Douzis got interested in the food industry and decided in 2007 to create the «Ergon» brand which comprises an [...]

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  • Seeking asylum in Europe

    Seeking asylum in Europe

    “The Journey” is a short documentary film by Yannis Vakrinos, produced by Medecins du Monde (Greece). It shows the everyday struggle of staff and volunteers in three asylum seeking hotspots in Greece; namely Lesvos, Chios and Idomeni.

    Since the start of the year, 560,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Greece by sea, with a total of more than 3,200 people losing their lives while attempting to cross the Mediterranean. With winter closing in, [...]

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  • Greek lament meets avant-garde at the Westminster Abbey

    Greek lament meets avant-garde at the Westminster Abbey

    by Mimis Chrysomallis

    The composer

    Born in 1987 in Volos, Greece, Dimitrios Skyllas started playing the piano at an early age and went on to study musicology and piano performance at the University of Kingston, London. He has also studied composition and aesthetics at the University of Edinburgh, and holds a second postgraduate degree in composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

    Currently based in London, Skyllas is a collaborator (composer [...]

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  • Should we go at Greek Fest?

    Should we go at Greek Fest?

    by Natalie Tzobanakis (“Where am I?”)

    During the past few days, the Greek-speaking part of the internet has been flooded with reactions to the image of Greece that Alexis Tsipras presented to the world at his recent televised talk with Bill Clinton. For me, residing in the U.S. for over three years now, the relevant discussion cannot be separated from the overall Greek American experience and the way I have been perceiving [...]

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  • A different approach

    A different approach

    by Lida Aglaia Aslanidou

    The last few years have provoked very strange feelings to any Greek expat. The last month was the icing on the cake. And even though I am a sugar-addict, this cake was far from tasty.

    On the one hand, for the Greeks who stayed, Greek expats are the ones who should keep their mouths shut: they are  privileged, with a job, timely payments in their foreign accounts, quality of life [...]

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