Nicolas Stamboulopoulos

Film lover, maker and teacher. Learned how to ride a bike after he reached 40. Spent way too many hours blogging and communicating with total strangers. Never regretted it. Doesn’t believe in boxes and people who think anywhere near them.

Founder and creative director of New Diaspora and

Maro Lazarou

A citizen of the world, tech-savvy, foodie, cleanliness freak and language enthusiast that moved to Amsterdam in August 2010 to do her MSc in Business Studies. Decided to stay despite better judgement with regards to the weather. Constantly listens to music and engages in geeky activities.

Nikos Kavounis

Marketing oriented idealist, addicted to sports, music and fun. Needed to move abroad in order to fulfill his dream concerning the rebranding of Greece. Amsterdam became his first choice due to geographical position. Wishes he had six additional arms because of work overload.

Joanna Ioannidou

A workaholic, engaged in so many projects she is almost constantly busy, Joanna has spent the last 4.5 years in the land of windmills, bikes and tulips. Brought here initially by her love for experiencing new cultures (and her desire to do academic research), she is still unsure where “home” is – though she is realizing it is not tied to a geographic location.

Nicholas Spandagos

A communications and development Lancelot. He has worked in numerous, seemingly impossible, international projects. And he somehow still does… An aficionado of creative thinking, which he puts down in writing, whenever the stars align. He loves sci-fi reading and cinema.

Matina Magkou

While others are leaving Greece, Matina -after several “nomadic” years- has recently returned to Athens and is discovering the adventure of being a cultural entrepreneur in Greece during the time of crisis. Many ask her “until when?”. Time will tell. She insists to dream with her eyes wide-open.

Gina Tsilimpi

Loves people’s stories, the Greek sea, ballet, intense music and the moments that seem cinematic. Came to the Netherlands in 2012 to be challenged on many levels. Academically interested in artistic and cultural progress. Believes that the world would be nicer with more civility, respect, more swans, honest expression, more free concerts, colorful buildings, less drama, and no racism.

Xenia Tombrou

She has crossed most oceans as a member of the crew onboard a cruise ship, a cargo ship and a tanker. Left that profession to become a citizen of the world, starting in the Netherlands. Will never stop loving her island, Corfu, and the most beautiful country of the world, Greece.

Lemonia Liberidu

Working with languages is her job and her passion. She is an official translator in Greek, English and Dutch. She translated literature, works for the television and served as an interpreter next to late film director Theo Aggelopoulos. Never has she felt a stranger in the Netherlands en she loathes labeling. Her belief is that we will all get better if we deal with things we love and gain happiness and satisfaction. She laughs a lot, loves life and is enthusiastic. She likes different kinds of music, companionship and merrymakings.

Tom Tziros

Having tried for years (36 at least) to become a true ‘Thessalonikian’, he was forced to abandon the city he loved at the age of 47. That decision was made on the very day George Papandreou appointed the ministry of finance to one of his fellow citizens. Some small adventures later, Tom ended up being an unemployed Baron, next to the birthplace of Queen Amalia. As for tomorrow, no one knows where it will find him.


Special thanks to:
Julia Andreiadou, George Stamboulopoulos, Maria Chalkou, Sofia Spinoula, Philippia Stratiki, Dimitris Zemperligkos, Alexia Polou, Kersti Wissenbach, Antoinette Christou, Mimis Chrysomallis, Efthymios Kotronias, Valia Chasioti, Myrto Papadogeorgou, Yiannis Vakrinos, Nikos Kandarakis, Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Athina Zisis, Bart Knoester, Christina Zourbanou, Christina Pasiou, Elena Zervopoulou, Katerina Kozadinou, Klairi Xenofontos, Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Marc Thelosen, Panos Sarlanis, Nikos Nakos, Charalambos Sergios, Alexandra Bousiou, Alexandra Boussiou, Andreas Psillas, Despina Ladi, Dimitris Pavlopoulos, Eleftheria Fournarakou, Elisavet Pliakopanou, Evangelia Astridou, Haris Nikolopoulou, Jenny Ralli, Theodoros Matakiadis, Vaggelis Livaditis, Vasilis Triantis, Yula Tefa, Aris Lamprianidis, Marilena Koliavasili, Giorgos Karnavas, Michalis Famelis, Vasilis Samourkas, Tota Gkika, Theo Kontominas, Dimitris Bountsolas.