Greek architect designs controversial skyscraper for New York City

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Ioannis Oikonomou is the man who envisioned Big Bend skyscraper, subject of much debate in the international architectural community. 

It’s been only about a week since the plans for Big Bend skyscraper have gone public. Ioannis Oikonomou saw the design of his architectural office Oiio attract the limelight, both in New York Press and architecture websites. In Dezeen, point of reference and information for anyone working in design around the world, Big Bend is one of the most popular news in architecture category over the last few days.

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While all skyscrapers seek ways to reach greater heights, Oiiostudio, with offices in New York and Athens, comes with a radical idea for cases of relatively small building sites, that are quite common in New York. As Ioannis Oikonomou, founder of Oiistudio and creator of Big Bend, explains to news247, “what’s innovative in this plan is the fact it offers a new type of connection at the top of two properties in close distance. It’s an alternative, totally applicable and feasible proposal, compared to the most usual way of connecting two skyscrapers with a bridge.”
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Born in Athens 36 years ago, Ioannis graduated from Aristoteleio University (Thessaloniki) and did his Master’s degree in Metsovio University (Athens). He now spends most of his time in New York, where he moved in 2011. “It was very difficult to continue my course in Greece, since there is not much activity at the time. Apart from some interesting and peculiar hotel renovations in Crete and elsewhere, the volume of construction projects has decreased significantly.” Having been distinguished in six international architectural competitions before he was 30, he chose New York as his second home. It is where the most recent and important competition he won took place.
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Big Bend reaches 1.22 km in total length (entrance to entrance). It’s not the first design of Ioannis that drew the attention of architecture connooisseurs. Four years ago, he had made an equally radical proposal for an extension of Guggenheim museum.
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