HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN 2018: More than a Festival


January 24–28, 2018, Urban Spree

HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN is a Greek film festival established in 2015 to highlight the current, highly artistic Greek film scene and present it to a German audience. Films are a unique source to communicate and a great medium through which to expand alternate ways of thinking and seeing Greece and its culture.

Primarily, HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN aspires to be a platform for “New Greek Cinema”. We want to provide insight into Greece’s current situation, its people, inner conflicts and secrets. To see this land through the eyes of its filmmakers should give the German audience a clear, direct and honest experience – one that is almost impossible to gain through the German media of the last five years. Greek films have far more to say about the crisis happening in Greece than daily German newspapers. This is also why film categories such as “New Vision” are of great value to us. With “New Vision” we will introduce and promote the newest, most exceptional films from art, experimental and animation genres.

“We would like to start a constructive dialogue between Greece and Germany by highlighting the current emotional and political cracks between the two”, says Asteris Kutulas (Founder of the German-Greek Cultural Association and Festival Director). “Films in general trigger a range of opinions which is the best starting point for any discussion.”

Sandra von Ruffin (Actress and Vice Festival Director) adds: “The medium of film is universal, it connects, it separates. It influences dreams, desires and fears in people. It’s so highly effective. That counts for Greek films as well as for any other film, of course. With this festival we want to reach out to the German audience and we would like to take them on a unique journey into the human soul through the eyes of Greek filmmakers.”

This year’s festival at the new location Urban Spree will be a combination of 32 films, 4 music bands, and an art exhibition including 13 artists, as well as an exhibition with Greek products. It will be an open door, all day-all night event set in the alternative, industrial, multi spacious warehouse in the most vivid and vibrant neighbourhood of Berlin, Friedrichshain.

The heart of the renewed HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN 2018 will consist of a new kind of cultural event called Box Talks.  It emphasizes a new way of communicating that reveals its contradictions, that arises from an extended concept of art, which sees theory and social action as one, that enhances a direct dispute about topics relevant for society as well as for artists. It combines elements of workshop, entertainment and artist portrait. Three “box talks” on three days – always with a German and a Greek filmmaker or artist in the limelight. The artists will present their work, thoughts and ideas through a moderated discussion lead by well-known moderators and journalists.

Presents, among many others:

from Greece: Zafeiris Haitidis, (The Boy) Alexandros Voulgaris, Yiannis Sakaridis, Yiannis Economides

from Germany: Konstantin Wecker, Volker Schlöndorff, Elisa Simantke, Friedrich Lichtenstein

Additionally in this year’s edition there will be a tribute to Cyprus with Greek Cypriotic directors, the Documentary section, one of the most anticipated sections of the festival, depicting all the current issues that concern our society. There will be a tribute to the Greek Erotica and last, but not least, the most progressive program called New Vision that present al the new progressive forms of filmmaking, as well as special screenings with film surprises.

Τhe group exhibition will showcase the work of 13 artists to Berlin Art and Film lovers. There will be painting, photography, sculpture and video art on display of primarily Greek artists living and working in Berlin like Christos Bouronikos, Dionisis Kavallieratos,  Alexander Di Vasos, Dimitris Tzamouranis,  Diamantis Sotiropoulos, Kostas Stamoulis, Filipos Kavakas, The Krank,  Abetz & Drescher,  Ina Kutulas,  Achilleas Gatsopoulos, Lia Kazakou and Sifis Lykakis. An exciting clash of cultures and art forms awaits the visitors.

The Boy, Gadgo Dilo and Human Touch will the musicians that will give concerts during the festival.






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