Knowledge & Partnership Bridges in Stockholm

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The event focused on the networking and actions of organisations and individuals involved in the ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ initiative.

The highly successful tour to spread word of the ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ initiative continued with its second stop in Stockholm. Greeks from the Swedish capital were at the Hellenic Cultural Home on 21 October attending an event organised by the Federation of Greek Associations and Communities of Sweden, the General Secretariat for Strategy and Private Investment – Ministry of Economy & Development and the National Documentation Centre.

The event, which was attended by more than 80 people, focused on, among other things, the networking and actions of organisations and individuals involved in the ‘Knowledge & Partnership Bridges’ initiative. There was significant discussion concerning the various issues of the scientific community, the Greek organisations involved and the Greeks of Sweden themselves.

‘Bridges’ was welcomed to Stockholm by the Greek Ambassador Mr. Dimitris Touloupas who stressed that such initiatives are in the right direction and help Greeks maintain their contact with their homeland. Following his speech, the president of the Federation of Greek Associations and Communities of Sweden, Mr. Nikos Konstantinidis, guaranteed the support of the federation and emphasised that the Brain Drain Greece has experienced in recent years could become the Brain Gain via the networking of Greeks wherever they are.

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The discussion was co-ordinated by Mr. Sotiris Lousta, member of the Board of Directors, Federation of Greek Associations and Communities of Sweden.

The General Secretary for Strategy and Private Investment, Professor Lois Lamprianidis, stressed that the initiative could facilitate the creation of a network of Greek scientists scattered around the world. He also underlined the fact that we cannot accurately quantify the number of Greeks who will return to Greece. A considerable number of Greeks living abroad do not want to/cannot return immediately. We must, therefore, find ways not only to collaborate with them in the country where they live but also create the suitable conditions for them to extend their business or research activities to Greece. It is for this reason that we have developed the initiative ‘Build knowledge and partnership bridges with Greece’ (

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The Director of the National Documentation Centre, Dr. Evi Sachini, underlined the importance of the role played by the National Documentation Centre as an institution in Greece which is responsible for the organisation of data related to scientific output in the country and their dissemination. In this respect, it is the institution which has the closest affinity with the initiative.

Finally, the Co-ordinator of the initiative, Dimitris Maragkos from the National Documentation Centre gave details of the initiative’s progress so far presenting compelling statistics on Greeks who are interested in being interconnected through the platform.

During the visit to Stockholm, bilateral meetings were held with representatives of Greek organisations and conmunities and Greek entrepreneurs and executives from Swedish companies who were interested in the initiative.

In addition, there was a meeting the Holy Metropolis of Sweden & Scandinavia, his Holiness Cleopa Strongyli, who, while explaining the work of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis, stated that he would inform Greek people in Scandinavia about the initiative. His Holiness, believes the church can further contribute to the efforts of ‘Bridges’ to record Greeks abroad by sharing data available to the Metropolis and the whole of the Scandinavian territory.

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Stay connected to the initiative’s website to discover the next stop of the ‘Bridges’ tour around cities abroad with large concentrations of Greek scientists and professionals!



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