New Greek Migration: Berlin, October 14 & 15


New Diaspora is a media partner of the conference “New Greek Migration”, that will take place in Berlin, October 14 & 15, 2017.

Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos, the founder and creative director of New Diaspora, will be among the speakers, that include professors L. Lambrianidis (University of Macedonia), M. Pratsinakis (University of Oxford), T. Aravositas (York University, Toronto), A. Tamis (Notre Dame University, Australia), A. Hatzi (Panteion University), M. Damanakis (University of Crete), S. Koniordos (University of Crete), A. Michopoulos (Hellenic College Holy Cross, Boston) and many other distinguished guests. For a full programme of the conference, click here (German) or here (Greek).

There will be live video streaming during the two days of the conference. New Diaspora will post the link on its Facebook page and Twitter profile.

The Organiser

The Society of Greek Scientists in Berlin & Brandeburg was founded in the year 2000 by the merging of two Societies of Greek Scientists of Berlin, both with over twenty years of history. The aim of the society is the promotion of education, sciences, music, literature and arts, always in relation with Greece. Our basic concern is to achieve a better approach between Greeks and Germans and to focus on issues relating to events taking place in Greece and Germany, as well as to issues of mutual interest.

The Migration

The present global financial crisis which affected Greece more gravely than the other European countries, and aggravated due to the austerity measures applied, caused a worse crisis of unemployment and led to a new migration wave of Greeks abroad. This phenomenon poses several challenges for scientific study as well as for the successful management of the social space in the receiving countries. These issues are of interest to all the related social actors.

The conference

The Society of Greek Scientists of Berlin/Bradenburg organizes οn October 14th & 15th, 2017, a two-day conference on the ” New Greek Migration”, aiming at:

  • an interdisciplinary investigation of the multiple aspects of this issue and at a wider and into depth discussion among the scientific society, the Greek and German agents involved and the migrants themselves.
  • Presentation of the latest research, theoretical and experiential data by qualified scientists
  • Exchange of experiences and views between the scientists’ society and the new migrants, as well as the social agents
  • Presentation of exemplary activities of social actors that are called to manage the new migration in Germany and in other European countries.
  • The uncovering of aspects of the migration issue that relate to its financial, political and social impact
  • Open discussion with a wider public, Germans and Greeks, via “round table” discussions
  • Presentation of the topic with a relative publicity via the mass media in order to achieve a wider understanding of the new Greek migration issue.

The final goal of the conference is, based on the experiences and the knowledge  gained, to create a network of individuals and agencies involved in the integration of the new migrants, as well as a better coordination of their actions.

For the better dissemination of the results of the seminar, the Society will take care for the publication of the minutes.


  1. Migration: Research appraisal of the new Greek migration with emphasis on the phenomenon of “brain drain”. Theoretical investigation of the causes and management policies.
  2. Culture: Intercultural interactions between the new Greek migrants and the local communities and the presence and contribution of the people of letters and arts in the receiving countries.
  3. Integration: Experiences of the new immigrants in the receiving countries. Proceedings of social and financial integration and interaction with the local communities and the diaspora representatives/agents


“New Icons”, artwork by Maria Rigoutsou.

Verkauft eure Insel



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