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  • Chrysa decided to live in Zurich

    Chrysa decided to live in Zurich

    The idea of gathering all my stuff and moving to someplace “else” without a specific preference as to where this should be existed in my mind since the age of six.

    I would prepare a little bag with a dress, a pair of panties and El Macadorel, my beloved one-eyed stuffed little elephant. Later, with my cousins as accomplishes, I would hide in my uncle’s car having Astros, Kynouria, as my destination.


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  • Summer in the village

    Summer in the village

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    - What plant is this? – I don’t know, will you tell me? – This is a watelmelon….

    This is only one of the several similar conversations in my everyday life with my 3 year old son, after having spent one whole month in the village with his grandparents. I happen to have a blessed child, who is fortunate enough to spend one-twelfth of the year [...]

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  • Photo by hehaden, Flickr

    Researching the Greek “Morality Drain”

    Konstantinos Papangelopoulos is completing his Master’s studies in Public Policy & Human Development, at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and United Nations University in the Netherlands.

    In order to write his thesis, he is looking for expatriate Greeks who are willing to be interviewed for his research on “The impact of migration experiences on perceptions of transparency and meritocracy: A case study on Greek migrants in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom”. In his own words:

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  • Margarita Chrysaki: From Greece’s Unemployment To The Offices Of The European Parliament

    Margarita Chrysaki: From Greece’s Unemployment To The Offices Of The European Parliament

    by Kelly Fanarioti, Huffington Post

    I learned Margarita’s story accidentally by a friend who saw her on TV. “I have marked her name because she is a new journalist and you may be interested in talking to her”, he told me.

    So it happened. After I heard about her journey from unemployment to a dream job, I found her on Facebook, we exchanged some messages and then talked to Skype for more than an hour.

    Margarita, [...]

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  • The Greek Vienna

    The Greek Vienna

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    I happened to live in Vienna twice … The first time I was a student, I lived there for a whole semester, but it wasn’t enough. The second time I managed to stay a little longer, but unfortunately the end came soon, just like in fairy tales. Because this is exactly what Vienna is, a fairy tale. I had heard this before my first [...]

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  • Cyprus, like… Australia

    Cyprus, like… Australia

    You have suffered the crisis, you were forced to leave Greece, you ended up in Cyprus, you were happy that at least you are going to be just next door to your folks, and now, five years later, you have managed to visit only once.

    Before I moved to Cyprus, one of the main reasons I could console friends and relatives was the short distance. “It’s an island of our own” they [...]

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  • French elections night

    French elections night

    Aimilia Ioannidis lives and works in Paris for the last ten years. Here are some of her observations regarding yesterday’s French elections, as written at the time when the final results were yet to come:

    Yes, I protected myself from reading ‘chemtrails’ in the form of words, as much as possible. No, Le Pen is not in the lead. There is no record from large cities in the Ministry’s results yet, and especially from Paris, where she usually [...]

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  • A Greek School all over the world

    A Greek School all over the world

    Stella Bompotsiari and her team of teachers teach Greek to kids and adults from all over the world through her online school Greek Lessons OnLine. Stella lives in London, where she moved with her husband in 2014, while all her teachers are based in Greece teaching Greece to students from all over the world.

    Your Greek school at home. Our students just need a computer, internet connection, a microphone, [...]

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  • I respect your past, but get to know my present

    I respect your past, but get to know my present

    Almost 5 years have passed since that rainy Sunday.

    During those 5 years, I’ve met my husband, I made close friends, I learned how to live in 30 square meters, I learned how to hit the bottom and stand up on my feet again, I loved the Germans for knowing how to evaluate, I met people (black, white, immigrants, refugees), I loved the saltiness of the emotions they carry with them, I loved the wrinkles underneath their eyes. [...]

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  • Love locks

    Love locks

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    One week ago, while crossing one of Munich’s famous bridges, my son asked me for a second time with impatience: “Mom, when are we going to put a lock on the bridge too?”. At the same time I was watching a couple standing next to us, passing a carved lock through the bars and then while kissing, throwing the key with a theatrical gesture into the river. I felt my head buzzing as if they had thrown it on me. “We [...]

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  • Greek architect designs controversial skyscraper for New York City

    Greek architect designs controversial skyscraper for New York City

    Ioannis Oikonomou is the man who envisioned Big Bend skyscraper, subject of much debate in the international architectural community. 

    It’s been only about a week since the plans for Big Bend skyscraper have gone public. Ioannis Oikonomou saw the design of his architectural office Oiio attract the limelight, both in New York Press and architecture websites. In Dezeen, point of reference and information for anyone working in design around the world, Big Bend is one of [...]

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  • How to avoid job scams abroad

    How to avoid job scams abroad

    Hellenic Police has issued a guide with “Useful tips to avoid fraud presented as employment opportunity”, mainly addressed at those who plan to move abroad. Unfortunately, many of the cases described in this guide are quite common. Read carefully and inform your friends who are about to take the big step without having done their research first.

    Do not trust job listings that present great opportunities abroad (unusually high salary, etc) by websites and [...]

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