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  • Martis


    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    A Wednesday like all the other Wednesdays at the greek school of Vienna. Only it is not any Wednesday. It is Wednesday, March the first. I’ve completely forgotten about it. Till the moment I see the children rushing out of the class, showing their hands with enthusiasm. A little bracelet made of white and red threads, hangs from their little hands.  “Do you know [...]

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  • National Pride and Prejudice

    National Pride and Prejudice

    Seven years ago I moved to Brighton, a small town in the UK.  During my first year as a university student, I lived on campus with flatmates from different countries around the world. One of them was Emre.

    When I first met Emre, for the first few seconds, I did not know how to react. You see, it was the first time I ever met someone who was Turkish.

    In the country I grew [...]

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  • Work in Germany

    Work in Germany

    Based in Thessaloniki, the employment agency “Cosmos Jobs” seeks, finds and places personnel in the European work market. They specialize in finding the appropriate work force for hotels, tourism and catering companies in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and elsewhere in Europe. The personnel can be both skilled or unskilled.

    Have you decided or are you perhaps considering to work in Germany? The Federal Republic of Germany is the most multitudinous [...]

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  • The truth about the Greeks that are living in the Netherlands

    The truth about the Greeks that are living in the Netherlands

    By Nadia Nikolaidou. Article originally published on

    The last 5 years the population of Greeks in the Netherlands has grown at least 5 times. Unfortunately there are no official numbers, but we estimate that before 2011 the number was less than 5000 and we are now counting more than 30,000, of which at least 2,000 are students of Dutch universities.

    For those of us who came here from the beginning [...]

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  • “The Boy with the Blue Hair” comes to London

    “The Boy with the Blue Hair” comes to London

    Eleanna Santorinaiou was born and raised in Athens, where she studied Philosophy & History of Science at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. In 2012 she moved to London in order to study at the London Film Academy.  So far, she has directed five short films and a short documentary, and she has also written a feature length script. Eleanna also writes and directs theatre plays for the young audience.

    On [...]

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  • When mothers support one another, everything is possible

    When mothers support one another, everything is possible

    Elfi Koufogeorgou, Luxembourg

    Fifth grade; I was the tall one in the class, with thick glasses and woolly hair.

    The 80′s…

    Relatives and friends were bringing me gifts for school in holidays and birthdays: erasers, pencils, sharpeners, rulers. Some of them were used… as for the others, one day I thought to start selling them to my fellow students. One drachma, two drachmas, depending. Until, after a couple of [...]

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  • One month of snow

    One month of snow

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    It’s been four years now that we live in Central Europe, but it is the first time that my son’s wish for white days came already true in the beginning of winter: yes, this year it really snows! And when I say it snows, I do not mean it snows like in Greece for two days, we play, we get happy, it ends. When I say it snows, [...]

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  • The New Diaspora Diary #1

    The New Diaspora Diary #1

    This is the first entry in the New Diaspora Diary: stories of Greeks who moved abroad from 2010 until now. Send your stories at

    November 1st, 2010, somewhere in the Netherlands from an anonymous friend

    First of November, the spirits are high, hundredandthirtysecond month in a row away from my homeland, and counting…

    Everything all right in general, work is fine, nine to five, with a cigarette break at 10, [...]

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  • Our little guesthouse

    Our little guesthouse

    Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    Since we moved abroad, we have always taken for granted that we will spend Christmas with families and friends in Greece. Besides, as a good friend of mine recently said, if you do not share joyful moments with your own people, you lose everything. But this year for the first time we decided to stay at home.

    On the one side our recent move that has not let [...]

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  • Hand in Hand for Syria

    Hand in Hand for Syria

    by Angeliki Tsanikidou, London

    Like you, I have been following the news about Syria wondering how I can help instead of just looking and feeling sad. Civilians are being chased and murdered. Too many kids have lost their lives and too many families have been uprooted. If we cannot change politics and catastrophic ambition we can at least send direct help to civilians.

    ‘Hand in Hand For Syria’ works inside Syria. They’ve been at the [...]

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  • Greeks in Britain: the Director

    Greeks in Britain: the Director

    By Nefeli Agkyridou This article was originally posted on

    They are young, beautiful, (not necessarily single) and they live among us. Greeks who left the warmth of their homeland to come to London, each one in a different period and for a different reason, speak to euGreeka. They talk about the reasons that brought them here, on how they made a new start professionally, about the difficulties they faced, what they miss from [...]

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  • Saint Nikolaus in Germany

    Saint Nikolaus in Germany

    Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    Let’s say you are Greek and you raise your child in Germany. December begins. You buy a real tree, because here everybody does the same. Plus an Adventskranz (Christmas Wreath), because it is a nice custom. You light the first candle on the first of the four Sundays before Christmas. You get happy. You create an Advents Calendar and you fill it with gifts, one for [...]

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