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  • Greeks in Britain: the Director

    Greeks in Britain: the Director

    By Nefeli Agkyridou This article was originally posted on

    They are young, beautiful, (not necessarily single) and they live among us. Greeks who left the warmth of their homeland to come to London, each one in a different period and for a different reason, speak to euGreeka. They talk about the reasons that brought them here, on how they made a new start professionally, about the difficulties they faced, what they miss from [...]

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  • Saint Nikolaus in Germany

    Saint Nikolaus in Germany

    Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (

    Let’s say you are Greek and you raise your child in Germany. December begins. You buy a real tree, because here everybody does the same. Plus an Adventskranz (Christmas Wreath), because it is a nice custom. You light the first candle on the first of the four Sundays before Christmas. You get happy. You create an Advents Calendar and you fill it with gifts, one for [...]

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  • Οpposite Encounters

    Οpposite Encounters

    “Nowhere is perfect. Paradise does not exist. Every country, every city has its good and its not so good sides. You lose something, you win something. It’s all about what is your point of view, what counts more for you.”

    This story was originally published by Serendipitous Encounters. Do you have an interesting encounter to share with a new diaspora element? Serendipitous Encounters is open for submissions!

    Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich

    Four [...]

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  • History Home Schooling

    History Home Schooling

    by Natalie Tzobanakis (“Where am I?”)

    We came to the US in 2012, when our three children were two, five and seven years old. From the start, an important concern I had regarding migration was the relationship my kids would develop with their motherland as time goes by. What will they feel about it if they grow up within American culture, which is so much different from the Greek one? How can [...]

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  • When water unites us… Dutch & Greek city makers meet in Thessaloniki

    When water unites us… Dutch & Greek city makers meet in Thessaloniki

    Nikos Koulousios for Hellas Pindakaas, Netherlands

    What does Thessaloniki sound like, smell like and feels like? What is the vibe of the city? What was a group of Dutch and German city-makers looking to find in Thessaloniki, when they visited the city last October? And did they find it?

    Hellas Pindakaas followed them on their journey, we recorded their story, their vision and experience of the city… and the [...]

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  • Origin Club brings social innovation to the table

    Origin Club brings social innovation to the table

    Food for thought

    Throughout the misery of the Greek debt crisis, despite all odds and without understanding exactly how it has happened, Greece now produces an increasing number of delicious and top quality products.  Many young Greeks have returned to the primary sector and the market share of Greek products is growing worldwide.

    Still, many problems are waiting to be solved and a huge development potential remains to be explored.


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  • Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli makes award winning documentaries in Barcelona

    Christina Pitouli was one of the speakers in TEDx Panteion University Women, an event that discussed topics about the contribution of women over time, because now more than ever it’s about time for equal rights and responsibilities. 

    Christina was born in Ioannina in 1986. She studied journalism and audiovisual communication at the Panteion University of Athens and obtained a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. She now works in Barcelona [...]

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  • Giannis writes the New Diaspora Diary

    Giannis writes the New Diaspora Diary

    Hi! My name is Giannis, and even if we don’t know each other, we still live the same time in the same world, we both have access to the unlimited Internet and we speak the same language. If you like, I could find more things that connect us, but one is my very favorite; we don’t give up!

    For sure, this diary is named after me but this luckily does not necessarily mean that [...]

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  • “Parent’s smile” in Luxembourg

    “Parent’s smile” in Luxembourg

    Elfi Koufogeorgou, Luxembourg

    In early 2016 I was coming out victorious from a delayed, or more appropriately, a belatedly accepted postpartum depression, combined with burnout. Even today, many people in my social circle don’t know it, not because I feel uncomfortable talking about it, but because my life has moved on a lot since then.

    Two things really helped me to move forward (besides the support of [...]

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  • Why are we still bothering with motherland?

    Why are we still bothering with motherland?

    Stefanos Livos, London

    I’m under the impression that there are two attitudes towards Greeks living abroad: the outward looking one that considers Greeks living elsewhere can and have something to offer to Greece, and the inward looking one that believes that Greece does not need anymore those who left, the “quitters”.

    And by “Greeks living abroad” I don’t mean second and third generation immigrants that parade wearing the Greek traditional uniform and [...]

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  • 2nd London Hellenic Festival (October 9, 2016)

    2nd London Hellenic Festival (October 9, 2016)

    Following last year’s big success, the 2nd London Hellenic Festival is back. Ark4Art and the Hellenic Centre present a day full of events, aiming to bring together London’s and UK’s Greek and Cypriot communities, but also addressing anyone who lives away from their native lands.

    This year’s theme is ‘Coming Together’. How can we, together, wherever we live, shape the future of our homeland? We are creating a platform and [...]

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  • One or zero, memories of bipolar Greece

    One or zero, memories of bipolar Greece

    Nadia Nikolaidou, 

    People in my life are zero or one. I feel bipolar in my relationships. Greeks are like that. They will love you or hate you, there is nothing in between. And in order to be loved, Greeks need to see the truth. They have to know whose child you are, what do you do for a living, if you are married or not, what job your parents do, so they can be [...]

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