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  • El Griego

    El Griego

    I like traveling, and my curiosity for the world took me to Chile.

    I was surprised to find a Greek store in the center of Santiago. When we entered, we saw an old lady who asked us in Spanish if she could help us.

    I replied in Greek. Her smile couldn’t have been bigger.

    She said she rarely sees Greeks coming to Santiago. She and her family moved [...]

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  • To your own close America

    To your own close America

    I’m climbing the stairs at Penn Station to exit on 7th Avenue. In front of me, a huge Stars and Stripes hangs from the ceiling. I go out into the chaos of Manhattan and hold a folder full of résumés. I’m not among the lucky ones who will take the elevator to reach high floors and meet their fate. In New York, the higher you work the better. I hold the addresses of Greek restaurants in [...]

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  • Two different worlds, in the time of crisis…

    Two different worlds, in the time of crisis…

    Source: ap’ola (me sos)

    Having stayed many months in Denmark, I have experienced how much this country differs from ours. Differences in the people, in the relations they make, their interests, their mentality and how they deal with certain circumstances; along with the structures these people base their society on.

    Generally speaking, the Danish society is, in its majority, progressive and very open to changes. In case that something [...]

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  • Όμορφη Θεσσαλονίκη

    Hang in there my beloved

    Almost one year ago, I had to leave my wife and 3 children in Thessaloniki and go back to Germany, where I was born. I never believed that I had to do this at the age of 44 because I couldn’t find work at home. I will try to go home and I will do what I did in Greece. Support my country. That’s what I do here too. Hang in there Greeks. Hang in there my beloved.


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  • Half my heart is right here, doctor…

    Half my heart is right here, doctor…

    Source: ap’ola (me sos)

    Ι squirm. I open my eyes. I’m dreaming. I wake up. I get frustrated. Half life in Athens and a part of it here. Here where? Back to zero, to all over again, to try, and to “Stay there. There’s nothing here. “

    I am a child and my hopes are nesting here in this diary. They don’t fit to get out of here. [...]

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  • Studying music in Salzburg

    Studying music in Salzburg

    See YOUth Around Young people in our time travel all over the world, mixing nationalities, cities and identities. Each one of them, depending on his/her motive, chases a dream, an ambition, knowledge, experiences or a better standard of living. This ‘mobile generation’ forms a nucleus of social evolution towards the idea of a global identity. See YOUth Around dedicates a little cyberspace to young people of different nationalities, traveling to a new experience or a new start.

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  • Honey, I shrunk the economy

    Honey, I shrunk the economy

    “The fact is, just about everything in this austerity package (referring to the latest one voted by the Greek Parliament) has been tried before and failed disastrously. These unpalatable steps will do nothing to make Greece’s debts more payable, bring its budgets closer to balance or help make the structural reforms Greece needs to revive its economy. Instead they will almost certainly further shrink an economy that has already shrunk by an astounding 25 percent over the past [...]

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  • Stranger in a strange land

    Stranger in a strange land

    I am Vangelis and I moved to Cyprus in May 2009. Although we speak the same language and share (almost) the same history with Cypriots, we have different “memories” and, for sure, different life views. I am not exactly a stranger here, but I will never be one of them either. My partner in life, my motorbike, Cypriot nature and natural beauties keep me going on.

    Never thought of going back to Athens even [...]

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  • Home is a state of mind

    Home is a state of mind

    At the age of 30, I have lived in Athens, Nicosia, Patrai, Munich, and London, now based in Adelaide, Australia. I am almost like a nomad of the 21st century and I come from a family that followed similar steps long before the millennium. My parents left Cyprus in 1975 and most of my extended family has lived away from “home” for short or long periods of their lives.

    But, what is home? How [...]

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  • Yellow


    I’m so alone these days that I cannot even find a fictional character to share the lines with. I sold everything and I left. I have to tell you right from the beginning that this will be a long and lonely monologue.

    Black. Bic. Medium. The best pen that has ever existed. I always contemplate on all these years it took me to become an adult. And I still don’t know if I am one. I [...]

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  • The phrase “ugly German” pains me

    The phrase “ugly German” pains me

    Eleni lives in Cologne and states: “Germany is a second homeland for me”

    My name is Eleni, and I was born in Athens. I was raised in the Peloponnese, by the sea. I love the sea. Jumping into the cool water on hot summer days is something that I yearn for here in the north.

    The image of my mother’s house is etched in my memory. In the afternoon, my grandmother would [...]

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  • I’m an alien!

    I’m an alien!

    I’m an alien! I’ve always been an alien:

    - I’m an expat in Brussels and I don’t work for the EU

    - I have resigned twice from permanent positions in Greece

    - I was married without a kid and I have a kid without being married

    - I don’t want to go back to Greece even if the crisis ends tomorrow

    … and even more strangely:


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