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  • Yellow


    I’m so alone these days that I cannot even find a fictional character to share the lines with. I sold everything and I left. I have to tell you right from the beginning that this will be a long and lonely monologue.

    Black. Bic. Medium. The best pen that has ever existed. I always contemplate on all these years it took me to become an adult. And I still don’t know if I am one. I [...]

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  • The phrase “ugly German” pains me

    The phrase “ugly German” pains me

    Eleni lives in Cologne and states: “Germany is a second homeland for me”

    My name is Eleni, and I was born in Athens. I was raised in the Peloponnese, by the sea. I love the sea. Jumping into the cool water on hot summer days is something that I yearn for here in the north.

    The image of my mother’s house is etched in my memory. In the afternoon, my grandmother would [...]

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  • I’m an alien!

    I’m an alien!

    I’m an alien! I’ve always been an alien:

    - I’m an expat in Brussels and I don’t work for the EU

    - I have resigned twice from permanent positions in Greece

    - I was married without a kid and I have a kid without being married

    - I don’t want to go back to Greece even if the crisis ends tomorrow

    … and even more strangely:


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  • A Story about Interracial Marriage

    A Story about Interracial Marriage

    Do established immigrants and their offspring have any ethical and political responsibility toward America? This question recurs with urgency in the writings of several Greek American authors, including Harry Mark Petrakis. A well-known storyteller, Petrakis is particularly invested in this issue, drawing inspiration from his parents’ deep appreciation for their acceptance in the United States. As the beneficiaries of America’s magnanimity, the “sons and daughters of immigrants, grandsons and granddaughters of immigrants,” he implores, “must renew and fulfill” [...]

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  • Letter from Germany

    Letter from Germany

    Dear…“Indignant people”,

    Crisis, expensiveness, lack of jobs and meritocracy, useless degrees, lost hopes and dreams, elusive goals, anger and finally, rage. Words you hear everyday in young people’s conversations about their current state of life. But also words well-known to me.

    We are considered the second generation of economic migration, all of us who have settled in some foreign country and those who intend to. I find myself among the first since I’ve been [...]

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  • Spread the seeds

    Spread the seeds

    New Diaspora is growing! We receive new content contributions and messages of support on a daily basis, while more and more people are joining our community; drawing increasing media attention on the crowd building of a worldwide movement that documents our story.

    So far, our project has been entirely self-funded. It’s taken us almost two years to develop it, and it’s going to take months until we complete the first cycle of [...]

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  • Week one: Τake off

    Week one: Τake off

    It’s been a week since we published our website, and almost five days since we launched our Indiegogo campaign. Thanks to your heartwarming support, our Facebook page has already gathered more than a thousand “likes”, while our trailer on Vimeo and YouTube has been viewed five times as much.

    Greek media have started reporting on our story, with articles published in Kathimerini, Lifo magazine and

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  • Moving to Paris as family

    Moving to Paris as family

    I was 40 when I moved and a mother of 7 year old twins. In 2010, when I got the offer to come to Paris, my husband and I discussed it a lot. We decided that I should move first, especially since our kids were 7 at the time and we did not want to upset their lives if we were not sure it was the right thing to do. So I moved and stayed for 9 months [...]

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  • And so it begins…

    And so it begins…

    Please share and support our crowdfunding campaign. It’s time to tell our own part of the story.

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  • Ethical crisis

    Ethical crisis

    I left Greece almost 13 years ago. It was not the financial crisis that led me away. It was an ethical one. A conflict between my Greek identity and tradition and culture and the Greek reality all around me.

    My dream was to be the best in what I was (haven’t succeeded though). Their dream was to get a position in the public sector, get settled, get married, get (many of them succeeded)… I [...]

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  • A Family Affair

    There is no time for anything but music for the Xylouris family. Three generations of musicians uphold and pass on the vibrant tradition of Cretan music, performing ceaselessly to followers across the world, from a very young age.

    From 75 year old Psarantonis, credited with reinventing Cretan music, to his son Psarogiorgis and teenage grandchildren growing up in Australia, the film follows Greece’s most famous musical clan, to discover the electrifying power of their music and the sacred ties that [...]

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  • Collaboration with the Greek Medecins du Monde

    Collaboration with the Greek Medecins du Monde

    No matter how far we live from our country and for how long, we will always stand for the ones we left behind. That’s why we have decided to donate 5% of our crowdfunding income to The Greek Medecins du Monde.

    Τhe situation in Greece

    MDM – GRC since 1990 has launched several missions and domestic programs, with the aim to make everybody aware that access to [...]

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