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  • La Tigre

    La Tigre


    It’s me on the photo. My name is Christina (aka La Tigre) and I am 21 years old. In 2012, I graduated from “Vakalo” Art & Design College and got my Bachelor of Art & Design. I’m also a contemporary dancer. I’ve been living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for 2 months and I’m already doing my internship in a design studio.

    Truth is, I rushed to leave Greece. I love Greece, but it scares me. When I [...]

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  • Worldwide solidarity protest – Amsterdam

    Worldwide solidarity protest – Amsterdam

    On Sunday the 10th of July 2011, a group of people of different nationalities gathered in Dam square and marched to Leidseplein, in solidarity to the people of Greece, Spain, Portugal and worldwide. Protesters carried banners expressing their will to resist economic repression and police brutality.

    For more information, visit

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  • Fortunate Son: a love story

    Fortunate Son: a love story

    Old Diaspora

    Directed by: Tony Asimakopoulos

    FORTUNATE SON is an autobiographical documentary by the son of Greek immigrants living in Canada. After overcoming a severe drug problem, and motivated by a search for happiness with his new fiancee, filmmaker Tony Asimakopoulos turns his gaze on his complicated, painful relationship with his overbearing mother and ailing father, and the patterns of dysfunction they share. A film about faith, despair, renewal, and the different kinds of love in [...]

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  • City of Errors – Social Kitchen

    City of Errors – Social Kitchen

    S –>

    Homeland stories

    Social kitchen “the Other Person” is a gesture of solidarity and love towards our fellow human beings, with the hope of awakening consciences so that other people and groups can take similar actions.

    City of Errors in a crossmedia platform for civic responsibility, motivation and citizen engagement in big cities. A web documentary series about those who find, face and fix their big city’s errors.

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  • Portraits of Greece in Crisis – Aggeliki

    Portraits of Greece in Crisis – Aggeliki

    Homeland stories

    Aggeliki is a blind employee in a public hospital. Aggeliki’s salary, as well as the salaries of thousands of disabled people working in public section, has not been excluded from the cuts. According to international data, when a seeing person covers its vital needs with a salary of 1000 euros, a blind person needs the treble salary for the same needs.

    The cuts in salaries and pensions of disabled people are one more proof of social state’s failure [...]

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  • A Greek-Japanese in London

    A Greek-Japanese in London

    My name is Christina, I am half Greek and half Japanese. I grew up and I was educated in Greece. I now live and work in London.

    I just want to share that, increasingly the immigration offices are making it very difficult for Greeks to enter European countries with an ID card (France, Spain, the UK etc). Even with a Greek passport in Norway, I had to tell them that I called the Norwegian embassy and I checked that I [...]

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  • The unending journey

    The unending journey

    by Mimis Chrysomallis

    A -very- brief history of the Greek diaspora in modern times[1]

    The more our journey widens and new roads unwind, the more God widens and unwinds on this vast earth.

    Nikos Kazantzakis (Odyssey: A Modern Sequel, Book XII)

    Migration has always played an important role in Greek history throughout the centuries. Naturally, this short survey does not seek to cover all aspects and dimensions of this [...]

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  • The girl with the scalpel

    The girl with the scalpel

    I’m just a girl with a scalpel. I kill stuff.

    Well, not much of a girl any more (if I consider how much I paid for the candles at my last birthday) neither much of a scalpel (since now I spend most of my time in front of a king size product of the late Steve analyzing murders committed by younger serial killers)…

    Anyway, I’m Greek, I live the last 6 years in Brussels [...]

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  • A 29 year old Greek in Brussels

    A 29 year old Greek in Brussels

    It was in September 2010 that I found myself in Brussels. It was exactly like that. I’ve never had any ‘dream’ about moving to Brussels to live and to work. It was purely by chance. It was not also an emergency exit for me because we did not perceive at the time how deep the crisis in Greece was.

    I rarely admit that in public, but Brussels is actually a nice city to live in, provided [...]

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  • And the Odyssey goes on…

    And the Odyssey goes on…

    by Mimis Chrysomallis

    Nóstos; Return from the long journey. From Homer to Joyce, down to today’s travellers. Άlgos; The longing, the pain, the desire. Child of Eris, the goddess of strife, and sung by Hesiod. Johannes Hofer (1669-1752) would bring the two words together in 1688, introducing the term nostalgia; the yearning for the past, the desire to return (in thought or in fact) to one’s home.

    More words: émigrés, expatriates, diaspora. Words heavily [...]

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