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  • From GR2UK: A dark day

    From GR2UK: A dark day

    I am angry. Even more than that, however, I am disappointed. Disappointed by the country I chose as my new home. Because I believed that the people here were progressive, they were sensible; capable to see beyond the easy and idiotic propaganda of Euroscepticism and adventurers like Farage and Boris. The lies however have won. Paradoxically, when no one saw it coming really, it was once again proved that stupidity is truly invincible. I do not imply that those [...]

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  • British driving license

    British driving license

    Time to write something useful at last! I got almost the entire deposit from my landlord and now I’m in the mood of writing something aphoristic about Greece, comparing it to the UK and attracting the spite of all those modern Greeks that characterise me as ungrateful, protected, anti-Greek, etc.

    Having changed my address, among many other things I had to change my address at DVLA, which is a sort of [...]

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  • They don’t match, I tell you

    They don’t match, I tell you

    Two images. One from Greece and the other one from England. Both are sources of broad generalization and arbitrary conclusions. On the one hand, the popular ‘singer’ Pantelidis, half-buried in tons of flowers at a bouzouki nightclub; indicative of the mainstream culture of Greece in a perpetual crisis. On the other, drunk Brits making a spectacle of themselves in English streets during New Year’s eve. The first story got overemphasized lately, while the second one [...]

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  • British salary Greek expenses?

    British salary Greek expenses?

    Some of you are really funny. You get to all the trouble of bleeding your fingers typing, writing a bunch of stupid things, comparing various things, like football or -in a more serious tone- the economy of Greece to respective situations abroad.

    It took me a whole week to calm down since the game in Panathinaikos stadium; the bad things that happened, the obvious fraud and the incredibly stupid things that I [...]

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  • Tax payment in the UK

    Tax payment in the UK

    I receive a lot of questions regarding the taxing system here in the UK. How they calculate the taxes, what is the deal with employees and business owners etc.

    I will begin by saying that pretty much everything is being done electronically here, there is no local tax office, and there is no way you could steal or withhold something and get away with it.

    As far as employees are concerned (I happen to be one [...]

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  • From GR2UK: Summertime

    From GR2UK: Summertime

    It took me a while to be in the mood to write something again. With everything that’s been happening in Greece, no matter how much I want to (and I really do want to) keep my distance and not care, I fail to do so. I really care because my parents are still there. I care so much that I spent the whole last month, along with almost all my Greek [...]

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  • As a Father

    As a Father

    Many websites that link to my blog, refer to it as “A father’s adventures in the UK” or as “UK stories and how Dimitris is raising his son” or something along these lines, focusing on the fact that I am a father in the UK and I’m raising my kid in a foreign country. It’s definitely not the first thing I mention in my blog since I’m focusing mostly on job hunting, the cost [...]

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  • Job hunting in the UK: Lessons learned

    Job hunting in the UK: Lessons learned

    1. Job hunting requires from you to exceed the limits of your patience and those of your persistence. You are fed up and you think you can’t do it anymore? You can and you will, so stop whining and try harder. Don’t give up. Ever!

    2. Don’t get too cocky. You might have work experience, various degrees, skills etc but job hunting is more than that. No one here is going to [...]

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  • 3 years of our new life

    3 years of our new life

    I read somewhere a similar article and it seems as if all us expats are expected to establish a three-year memoir, to post a summary of our experience, a retrospective of where we were, where we are and where do we go from here. As a family I mean, not as a nation. As a nation, we all know pretty much where we are and where we are going.

    Three years ago I was stepping into the unknown. I asked Christina –my wife- [...]

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