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  • Saint Martin’s lanterns

    Saint Martin’s lanterns

    November 11th is Saint Martin’s holiday. Germans consider it a good opportunity for their children to learn how to share their belongings with others.

    - To share generously - To offer without expecting return

    How many times have we said that to our children, hoping that they will understand and start doing so? A very good opportunity for “revision” in many European countries is the 11th of November and the [...]

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  • Summer in the village

    Summer in the village

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (apomamasemama.com)

    - What plant is this? – I don’t know, will you tell me? – This is a watelmelon….

    This is only one of the several similar conversations in my everyday life with my 3 year old son, after having spent one whole month in the village with his grandparents. I happen to have a blessed child, who is fortunate enough to spend one-twelfth of the year [...]

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  • I respect your past, but get to know my present

    I respect your past, but get to know my present

    Almost 5 years have passed since that rainy Sunday.

    During those 5 years, I’ve met my husband, I made close friends, I learned how to live in 30 square meters, I learned how to hit the bottom and stand up on my feet again, I loved the Germans for knowing how to evaluate, I met people (black, white, immigrants, refugees), I loved the saltiness of the emotions they carry with them, I loved the wrinkles underneath their eyes. [...]

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  • Love locks

    Love locks

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (apomamasemama.com)

    One week ago, while crossing one of Munich’s famous bridges, my son asked me for a second time with impatience: “Mom, when are we going to put a lock on the bridge too?”. At the same time I was watching a couple standing next to us, passing a carved lock through the bars and then while kissing, throwing the key with a theatrical gesture into the river. I felt my head buzzing as if they had thrown it on me. “We [...]

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  • One month of snow

    One month of snow

    Greek Mum Correspondent: Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (apomamasemama.com)

    It’s been four years now that we live in Central Europe, but it is the first time that my son’s wish for white days came already true in the beginning of winter: yes, this year it really snows! And when I say it snows, I do not mean it snows like in Greece for two days, we play, we get happy, it ends. When I say it snows, [...]

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  • Our little guesthouse

    Our little guesthouse

    Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (apomamasemama.com)

    Since we moved abroad, we have always taken for granted that we will spend Christmas with families and friends in Greece. Besides, as a good friend of mine recently said, if you do not share joyful moments with your own people, you lose everything. But this year for the first time we decided to stay at home.

    On the one side our recent move that has not let [...]

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  • Saint Nikolaus in Germany

    Saint Nikolaus in Germany

    Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich (apomamasemama.com)

    Let’s say you are Greek and you raise your child in Germany. December begins. You buy a real tree, because here everybody does the same. Plus an Adventskranz (Christmas Wreath), because it is a nice custom. You light the first candle on the first of the four Sundays before Christmas. You get happy. You create an Advents Calendar and you fill it with gifts, one for [...]

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  • Οpposite Encounters

    Οpposite Encounters

    “Nowhere is perfect. Paradise does not exist. Every country, every city has its good and its not so good sides. You lose something, you win something. It’s all about what is your point of view, what counts more for you.”

    This story was originally published by Serendipitous Encounters. Do you have an interesting encounter to share with a new diaspora element? Serendipitous Encounters is open for submissions!

    Chrysoula Koutsouri, Munich

    Four [...]

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  • Hometown stories: Philippi park, Kavala

    Hometown stories: Philippi park, Kavala

    New Diaspora would like to publish your own hometown stories. How do you see the place where you grew up from where you live now? Do you visit often? In what way has it changed? What makes you feel most nostalgic about it? Would you ever consider returning to live there?

    Rigas-Georgios Zapounidis, Munich (Emigrant’s Diary)

    “Our team consists of voluntary, young scientists specialized in many work fields. [...]

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  • Oktoberfest in Munich

    Oktoberfest in Munich

    Oktoberfest has started… and this weekend ends when we drink the last Mass. Beautiful dresses, black, green, pink Dirndls, flowery or plain, expensive (a good Dirndl costs up to 1,000 Euros) or cheap ones costing 30 Euros, together with genuine Lederhosen and nice check shirts, dressed this year’s Oktoberfest. Americans, Australians and people from many European cities visited this year’s beer festival, honoring Bavarian Prince Ludwig I, according to a custom established back in [...]

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  • Summer vacations… away from home

    Summer vacations… away from home

    Today I realized that summer is gone, without me smelling the saltiness of the sea, swimming in the clear blue waters, eating feta with mountain oregano, throwing pebbles at the waves, drinking coffee while watching the Cretan Sea together with Rania and Vaso, talking about theater plays with Telemachus, analyzing right and wrong together with Vivian, discussing with Kreousa while kittens caress our feet, hearing the characteristic chuckle of Artemis, walking the cobblestone streets of Plaka with Georgitsa, [...]

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  • Homeland


    July 10, 2015…

    It’s only been three years since that Sunday. Munich welcomed me with rain, like it welcomes me most days of the year. Lucky in my bad luck. My hand, held tight by my mother, during the first month of my stay here.

    Three years full of nostalgia for my homeland, for home, for the smiles of my friends. How many Sundays have I missed family dinner with my grandma, [...]

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