A window to the world

What do you see outside your window? 

Greeks are everywhere, and New Diaspora aspires to create a collective album with pictures contributed from the members of its global community.

All you have to do is shoot a photo with the view outside your window at home or work, and send it to us together with a caption mentioning your first name and the place you live. You can optionally add a short story regarding your picture. Alternatively, you can post it as a comment on our Facebook page (or send us a PM), mention us on a tweet, as well as tag newdiaspora on Instagram (or simply use the #NewDiaspora hashtag).

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, February 10th Monday, February 29th 2016

Nassos K-London view

Nassos, London, UK


Tom, Flensburg, Germany

Katerina-Brussels view

Katerina, Brussels, Belgium

Xenia-Utrecht 01

Xenia, Utrecht, Netherlands



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